Give Your S'mores A Totally Fresh Twist By Adding Fruit

S'mores topped with strawberries
S'mores topped with strawberries - Ekaterina Markelova/Shutterstock

A camping trip or backyard bonfire isn't complete until there's a circle for cooking s'mores. A timeless, outdoorsy dessert made by roasting skewered marshmallows on an open fire before sandwiching the charred, sugary delicacy between two graham crackers lined with chocolate bars -- s'mores are perfect as they are. But as adventurous foodies, we don't subscribe to the "if ain't broke don't fix it" mentality. In the kitchen (or around the fire pit), breaking traditions are acts of service that culminate in bigger, bolder, braver recipes that can be enjoyed and passed down for generations. Enter fruit s'mores.

A simple twist on a classic sweet treat, you'd be surprised at how much fruit can improve the flavor of s'mores. The refreshing, naturally dulcet essence of fresh fruit brings an organic air of sweetness to the scrappy dessert sandwich that uplifts its heartier, more dense ingredients. The toasty marshmallow will melt not only the chocolate, but the fruit as well, culminating in a decadently jammy texture that oozes crave-curbing allure and deepens the contrast in consistency between the soft ingredients and the crunchy, honeyed cracker.

The best part is that adding fruit to s'mores requires very little effort. Simply place a layer of fruit atop the sheet of chocolate that lines the graham cracker before resting the pillowy, blackened marshmallow atop the layers and closing the sandwich with a second graham cracker.

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Fruits That Work Best With S'mores

Assortment of fruit on table
Assortment of fruit on table - Arina P Habich/Shutterstock

Besides deceptive fruit outliers like olives and tomatoes, most fruits are sweet, which means there are plenty of cultivars to add to your s'mores without throwing off the overall flavor profile. From mild and syrupy to tart and tangy, your options aren't limited.

Turn your s'mores into a banana split by introducing banana slices to the stack of sweetness. The moist, mushy texture of the easily peeled fruit will blend seamlessly with the soft, gooey consistency of the sugary marshmallow. Chocolate and tart berries like strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are also a timeless pairing. The rich, decadent taste of the s'mores chocolate is uplifted by the juicy, refreshing, and slightly sour spirit of berries. Add all three for a luxurious, multi-dimensional combination of sweetness.

The delicate, floral taste of peaches gives s'mores a subtle yet enchanting twist. Bonus points if you char the peaches over the fire to develop a grilled peach cobbler flair that marries harmoniously with the campfire taste of the marshmallows. Figs, with their mild, maple-forward taste that's likened to the complex yet warming flavor of caramel, can also imbue s'mores with a sophisticated sweetness. Because they have a similar flavor profile, chewy, sweet, and sticky dates can be substituted for figs.

Jazzing Up Fruit S'mores

People making s'mores
People making s'mores - M_a_y_a/Getty Images

Introducing your favorite fruit to a classic s'mores recipe is an easy way to liven up the wood-fired dessert, and, like the original recipe, there's no real need to add anything more. However, additional complementary ingredients can take your fruity s'mores from extraordinary to extra-extraordinary.

Spruce up your fruity s'mores by dusting the sweet layers with coconut shavings. The sweet, tropical prowess of coconut complements the refreshing bravado of fruit and bolsters the creamy richness of chocolate. Drizzle the amalgamation of dessert fixings with honey or maple syrup for a floral or warming moisture respectively. The liquid sweeteners will drip and ooze a velvety smooth serenity that ties everything together. For something simple, easy, yet surprisingly transformative, sprinkle a smidge of salt atop the saccharine stack just before sealing it with a graham cracker. Salt can bolster the flavors and turn up the sweetness of this adventurous dessert.

S'mores are classic for a reason, but a fruit-tinted iteration can be just as perennial. Next time your camping buddies pull out s'mores stuff without fruit, bust out some bananas or berries.

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