Make S'mores With Cheez-Its For A Sweet And Savory Twist

cheez-it smores with ingredients
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We already love s'mores with spiced cookie butter, charred fruit, and Girl Scout cookies -- but have you ever thought about making this treat with Cheez-Its? We have to admit that the combo sounds pretty wild at first, but before you write off this snack completely, there are a few things to consider.

Combining Cheez-Its with s'mores is an example of the sweet and savory flavor juxtaposition at its best. You may be surprised to learn that this wouldn't be the first time the crackers have been used to make desserts, as creative chefs have whipped up apple bars, toffee squares, and even whole cakes with them. Not only are these snacks salty, but they can offer a boost of savory, cheesy goodness that pairs surprisingly well with richer flavors like chocolate and marshmallow. And because Cheez-Its are typically smaller than graham cracker squares, you'll get a one-bite dessert that is easier (and less messy) to handle than a full-size s'more. Just like the classic version, you can make these telling stories around the campfire, although they'll also work in the comfort of your own kitchen.

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How To Make Sweet And Savory S'mores

roasting marshmallows over a campfire
roasting marshmallows over a campfire - Jasondoiy/Getty Images

The process for making Cheez-It s'mores is similar to the classic version of the dessert -- but first, you'll need to secure your crackers. If you're using original Cheez-Its, you may want to use mini marshmallows and individual squares of chocolate to better fit the squares. Or, if you prefer a more standard-sized version, the brand also sells extra large crackers, which have enough surface area that you can squeeze half a marshmallow between two of them. You can make your s'mores the campfire way, by roasting a marshmallow over the fire and sandwiching it between your Cheez-Its to melt the chocolate, or you can heat them in the oven. If you go with the latter, place your s'mores on a sheet pan on the bottom rack and heat your oven to a high broil.

As tasty as these crackers are, they aren't the only option for a sweet and salty combination here. You can also try using buttery Ritz or Club crackers, saltines, or even Wheat Thins. And don't be afraid of any other ingredients that can amp up the flavor of your s'mores. For instance, a dollop of peanut butter on your crackers will amplify their saltiness, while a little Nutella can enhance the chocolate's sweetness. Feel free to get creative, with savory crackers as your starting point.

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