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6 genius products that will help make the most of your too-small fridge

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It’s just about time for spring cleaning, and this year we’re focused on the kitchen. Our very first task? The refrigerator.

If the mere thought of attempting to reorganize your fridge makes you shudder, you’re absolutely not alone. It’s especially tough when, like so many of us, you’re working with a space that’s just not big enough. Maybe you’re living in an apartment, and your fridge is especially small, or maybe it’s packed with food for way too many roommates or family members. Whatever the case, you’ve got to check out these six smart organization products that you can snag on Amazon. We promise they’ll make the chore way less painful.

This pack of six containers is wildly useful.
$59 at Amazon

If you’re looking to save space in your fridge, stackable drawers are the place to start. The pull-out function allows you to make better use of the back of your refrigerator, where things tend to get lost. And the stackability helps take advantage of vertical space that would otherwise go unused entirely. In addition to this smaller drawer, Unikon also offers wider drawers and removable cubes for internal organization. Whether you group a bunch together or just use one, all the benefits still apply.

Amolliar also offers a slightly larger version divided into five sections for even greater organization.
$17 at Amazon

Keeping condiments and other bottled and jarred items organized inside the fridge proved pretty much impossible until we finally went the lazy Susan route. This one helps you instantly see and access every single item while also keeping them condensed to a single location. The sides are high enough to keep things contained but low enough that it’s still easy to pull each one out.

Here’s a great way to take advantage of unused vertical fridge space.
$23 at Amazon

These Smart Design drawers snap underneath your built-in shelves, adding a whole extra layer of accessible storage. The adjustable rails fit refrigerators and shelves of almost any size and are—thankfully—super easy to install. They’re also much sturdier than you might think, with each one holding up to 20 pounds.

We have absolutely no notes on these genius produce containers.
$22 at Amazon

Organizationally, these produce containers perform a similar function as other stackable modules. It’s an especially useful setup for delicate items like berries and grapes, which tend to be sold in packaging that’s just as fragile. Now for the brilliance: Each container comes with its own removable colander. This means you can rinse off your produce and place it directly in the fridge without worrying about leaking. Throw on the locking closures for extended freshness, and we’re pretty close to perfection.

You'll never have to struggle to reach for a far away can again!
$19 at Amazon

Whether you crave soda, sparkling water, energy drinks or something a little more adult, this contraption is a must-have organizer. The double layer is as much about capacity as it is function — cans are loaded into the front of the top level and pulled out of the lower level with a smart rolling feature that always keeps that next drink at your fingertips. This design makes it a snap to refill and also ensures you use the oldest items first. The organizer holds 10 regular, short or skinny cans.

Now you can easily (and safely) store more than a dozen eggs.
$10 at Amazon

This stackable solution is made specifically for eggs. It has little indentations in the bottom tray that each egg safely nestles inside of and a sturdy cover that’s much more durable than the top of a standard egg carton. We love that it holds up to 14 eggs—two to four more than the package you bring home from the store. In other words, enough space to hold the whole new carton you just bought as well as the last few left over from your previous purchase.

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