A professional organiser reveals the best storage ideas for small bathrooms

small bathroom with storage cabinet and small sink
Storage ideas for small bathrooms, from an expertChris Snooks / House Beautiful

Small bathrooms easily become cluttered. From skincare to shampoo, the number of tubes, tubs and bottles to make space for can really add up, and that's before you even think about towels, cleaning products and bulky stocks of loo roll.

But there are plenty of innovative and easy ways to keep your space tidy, from nifty storage solutions to clever cabinets, as we found out from professional organiser, Vicky Silverthorn.

Small bathroom storage ideas

Utilise height to maximise space

The space above the toilet is often neglected — especially in downstairs toilets. Vicky advises adding in a few floating shelves here or beside the shower or bath.

'You can pop baskets and jars on the shelves to keep your surface areas as clear as possible,' she says. 'Items that you don’t need as often can be kept on your top shelves so that they’re out of the way with items you use more often on the lower shelves.'

Pegs are also a good option to hang up towels and robes. If you’d rather avoid drilling holes into your walls, there are plenty of standalone units available without lower shelves to allow space for the loo. You can also find a variety of non-drill options that use self-adhesive stickers or suction cups.

Slim things down to squeeze them in

When dealing with a lack of floor space, opt for tall and narrow furniture that utilises wall height. Storage units no more than 30cm wide are perfect for slotting into those awkward gaps between the door frame and the shower, or the toilet and the bath.

If using open shelving, storing items inside little baskets or colourful glass jars helps to tidy clutter and evoke a feeling of calm. Clear jars are also great, as you can easily see where things are and know when you're running low on supplies, Vicky says.

Keeping the top shelf free for a small plant, candle or diffuser, will also make the space feel more homely.

Make your bath and shower work harder

An organiser that slots over the shower curtain rail, screen door or shower head will keep all your bottles, scrubs and soaps neatly together. Vicky suggests using a tiered shower caddy with built in hooks. ‘You can hang any washcloths or loofahs from the hooks, while the shelving can store bottles,’ she says.

There are also plenty of bathroom shelving units with suction cups that fix securely to tiles.

If you have a separate bath, avoid having to dot your bottles around the rim of your tub with a bath tray. It'll keep your essentials close while also giving you space for a cup of tea and a candle.

'It can be used alongside additional shelving or just keep out what you need for your bath,' says Vicky. 'When it comes to cleaning the tub, the tray can easily be picked up and moved as and when you need to.'

Rework your sink area

Chunky pedestal sinks can take up a lot of room in small bathrooms and prevent the installation of built-in storage units below. Fortunately, there are cupboards designed to fit around pedestals, so you can keep everything tucked out of sight.

Vicky recommends looking for units with tiered shelving to make full use of the space. She suggests putting storage boxes inside to organise your products, keeping items you use often at the top and heavier ones that you are less likely to use daily at the bottom.

If you have a tiled backsplash, you could also install a no-drill shelf or basket here for toothbrushes and bits and bobs, which would take items off the edge of the basin for a cleaner look.

Utilise space behind the door

Every inch and surface area in a small bathroom counts, and sometimes you need to look to unexpected places. In this instance, your bathroom door.

'You can also make the most of the space by adding hooks or magazine racks to the doors,' says Vicky. 'They’re ideal for hanging gloves, brushes or cleaning essentials, and if you use a rod across the hooks, you could add small storage boxes for items that are used often so they're visible and easy to reach.'

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