Skill School: Unlock Boss-Level Double-Unders with Scott's Video Guide

·1-min read

Skipping is the most portable and least space- and time-hungry way to get a proper sweat on. It's a more efficient way to spike your heart rate than running and it is infinitely easier to pack in your weekend bag than a rowing machine.

If normal skipping (with the rope passing under your feet once per jump) is so good, surely double-unders (with the rope passing under twice per jump) must be twice as good, right? OK, so that's not actually quite how it works, but the double-under is the ultimate skipping movement to elevate your rope skills and squeeze even more fitness-boosting cardio into a short window of time.

Scott Britton, MH Elite coach, gentlemen and relentless driving force of Battle Cancer, is here to whip your skipping into shape. Watch his video guide to get to grips with the drills and skills to master the double-under in (about) half the time.

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