Six Reasons To Buy the New Issue of Men’s Health, Including Our Two Euros Cover Stars

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Six Reasons To Buy the New Issue of Men’s HealthHearst Owned

There’s something about the Euros that captures the British public’s psyche. Even if football isn’t generally your thing, the Euros are a different matter. It’s hard not to get swept up in the mania.

So, who else could grace the cover of this month’s Men’s Health but two of the UK’s most exciting footballers?

If you’re reading this in England, none of other than England’s most expensive footballer of all time, Arsenal’s Declan Rice is your man. In our new issue (on sale Tuesday 21st) you can read about his unusual pre-match nutrition strategy, and why he thinks England are well placed to challenge for their first major trophy since 1966.

Not on board with that sentiment? If you pick up your issue north of the border, Scotland’s and Brighton’s wonder boy Billy Gilmour is the player we chose for the Tartan Army’s delectation. He talks to MH about handling setbacks and cultivating inner strength.

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MHUK June 2024 issue

Declan Rice Vs Billy Gilmour

There’s nothing quite like a baking hot summer with a major football tournament on TV to lift the mood of a nation. Ahead of the Euros, MH’s new editor-at-large, Gordon Smart, has sprung the offside trap to sit down with two elite sportsmen itching to make their mark – England hero Declan Rice and Scotland’s golden boy, Billy Gilmour. Dust off the barbecue, unfurl the flag of your favoured nation and brace yourself for Germany 2024.

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MHUK June 2024 issue

Closing the Gender Longevity Gap

At every age between birth and 75, British boys and men have a greater chance of dying than women – and life expectancies are dropping faster, too. Why are we more at risk? And how can we all avoid an early checkout?

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MHUK June 2024 issue

Make the World Your Gym

Britain’s warm-weather window is small but glorious. So don’t waste it holed up in a sunless gym. Whether you’re chasing size and strength, or would settle for a bit of fun and a better tan, our 12-page guide will get you there. Let’s take this outside...

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MHUK June 2024 issue

Ray Winstone on Grief and Imposter Syndrome

His career spans five decades, but on-screen hardman Ray Winstone hasn’t always felt at home in the arts. He spoke to John Fendley about overcoming imposter syndrome, living with grief and looking out for your mates.

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MHUK June 2024 issue

Beats Mode: The Perfect Gym Playlist

Experts at the crossroads of music and fitness are harnessing new technology to deliver the perfect song at the optimal time to fine-tune your gym performance. Could it help you unlock that extra 10%?

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Hearst Owned

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