Sirloin Tip Roast Is The Overlooked Cut Of Meat For An Easy And Hearty Dinner

Pot roast with garlic and herbs
Pot roast with garlic and herbs - hlphoto/Shutterstock

A good cut of beef can always be transformed into a perfectly hearty meal. Whether it's pan-seared or braised, you should be able to count on it to consistently be savory and filling. Though we all have our go-to meats to fit this criteria, often compiled from a list of the most popular cuts of beef, there are underrated kinds like sirloin tip roast that work just as well.

Sirloin tip roast isn't the most well-known cut of beef. While favored meats tend to come from the loin or rib area of a cow, the sirloin tip roast is the front part of the cow's hind legs. Since that muscle sees a lot of movement, the cut is quite lean, meaning it's not going to be everyone's top choice. It can also be a little tough, the opposite of the tender, fatty cuts of beef that are sought after. Yet, sirloin tip roast isn't entirely irredeemable.

As the name suggests, roasting the beef is an ideal option for preparing. When cooked long enough, the sirloin tip roast turns tender, its lean muscles softening. The cut also has that classic beefy flavor that makes it a deliciously cozy dinner, especially when paired with a rich side like creamy garlic mashed red potatoes. As savory as it is, sirloin tip roast is considered a budget cut of beef, making it both affordable and extremely filling.

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What Are The Best Ways To Prepare Sirloin Tip Roast?

Roast beef with asparagus
Roast beef with asparagus - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

Thanks to its flavor and versatility, sirloin tip is one of the absolute best cuts of meat for roast beef. Sirloin tip roast can go from an easy dinner to being repurposed into sandwiches and burritos. Other than that, braising will also tenderize the lean cut of beef. The slow-cooking method is known to soften even the toughest of meats, but that's not the only reason it turns supple when cooked.

Although it's not the fattiest cut of beef, sirloin tip roast is filled with collagen. When cooked for long enough, the collagen breaks down, turning the meat and braising liquid silky. You can braise with anything you'd like, but we recommend red wine. Vino is a classic for beef, filling it with a deeper taste and velvety texture. Throw in some potatoes, carrots, and barley into the braising pot for an enriching meal that's light on your wallet.

Sirloin tip roast isn't always pan-seared, but when done well, it's absolutely delicious. If you get one that has a slightly fatty exterior, the outside will brown nicely. Sear each side of the roast for about four minutes, allowing every inch to brown evenly. Once it's cooked, thinly slice the roast and serve with gravy or a sweet glaze.

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