Singer Heidi Range full of emotion as she speaks to young online harm survivor - exclusive video interview

Heidi Range attends the UK Premiere of Walt Disney Animation Studios'
Heidi Range attends the UK Premiere of Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Wish" (getty)

Singer and mum-of-two Heidi Range has exclusively interviewed author Roxy Longworth, 21, about her shocking experience being blackmailed by older schoolboys to send explicit photographs of herself.

Heidi, who is an NSPCCCampaigner for Childhood and mother to daughters Aurelia, age six, and Athena, two, was overcome with emotion listening to Roxy's story, and praised her for her bravery in sharing her traumatic experience with others.

"Hearing your story has been heartbreaking but also terrifying,"says Heidi. "It's made me angry on behalf of you and the way you were treated."

Roxy was just 13 when she was pressured into sending explicit photos of herself by a 17-year-old boy at her school over social media.

The photos were shared with the boy's friends without her consent and quickly spread around the school to other pupils and teachers. Instead of getting support, Roxy was punished and asked to write a "reflective essay" on her actions. The boys responsible were not held accountable, Roxy tells Heidi.

Author Roxy Longworth
Author Roxy Longworth (Roxy Longworth)

In an honest and heartbreaking account, Roxy explains how the situation led to her experiencing a breakdown, self-harm and attempted suicide. "I felt like I had ruined my life, I felt disgusting," she recalls.

With the help of her mother, Gay, she managed to survive her lowest moments. "I was on suicide watch for a month – she stayed with me all day, every day.

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The mother and daughter then went on to write a book together about their experience called When You Lose It, with both Roxy and Gay writing from their own viewpoints.

Heidi Range is an ambassador for the NSPCC
Heidi Range is an ambassador for the NSPCC (Heidi Range)

In the video, Heidi tells Roxy: "I think you're so brave and selfless to share this because you are absolutely helping to [stop] this happening to other children. Even though this wasn't on my radar as a mother, it's definitely something I'll be sharing with my friends now and talking about."