The Simple Way To Ensure You Get Crispy Potato Kugel Every Time

sliced potato kugel in dish
sliced potato kugel in dish - from my point of view/Shutterstock

Potatoes are packed with nutrients like vitamin C and potassium and have a ton of different uses of both the sweet and savory variety. They're also an essential part of the Jewish casserole known as "kugel," which is typically made from either noodles or potatoes, with sweet noodle kugel being more common around holidays that emphasize sweetness in celebration. Potato kugel is certainly no slouch, though, as it's a frequent favorite side dish during the holiday of Passover as well as an accompaniment for weekly Shabbat dinners. To ensure the optimal texture of your kugel from edge to edge, consider preheating your baking dish and soaking your potatoes in ice-cold water when preparing your kugel, thus striking the delicate balance between crunch and chew.

Albeit similar, there are distinct differences between a potato kugel and potato latkes. One interesting similarity, however, is the interplay of textures. As with a latke, in a potato kugel, the initial bite should have a crispy texture, which gives way to a softer chewiness upon sinking one's teeth further in. Preheating your oven-safe vessel before greasing it with oil and adding in grated potatoes that you've soaked in ice water and dried out beforehand allows for the ultimate crispy kugel goodness. It's simply a matter of keeping the moisture out before you pop your dish into the oven, as the baking process will cause the potatoes to release more water upon being cooked.

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The Perfect Potato Kugel

potato kugel pieces on plate
potato kugel pieces on plate - from my point of view/Shutterstock

Even when taking allergy and dietary restrictions into consideration, getting the texture right still falls back on the two main methods of preheating your dish and removing excess moisture from your ingredients. In fact, these tips are ideal for any casserole you're preparing, be it kugel or non-kugel in nature, as the sogginess from high-water content vegetables is one of many common slip-ups when it comes to any casserole creation. Proper preparation of your dish and potatoes is paramount to achieving delight in each bite.

Potato kugel may seem like a holiday-specific dish but it's a downright comfort food no matter when you choose to indulge. It's also one of many incredible potato recipes because, let's face it, potatoes are always delicious and fun to cook with. Other additions you can mix into your potato kugel include roasted garlic, herbs and spices, and carrots or zucchini — so long as you take care to wring out the moisture from the vegetables before baking. If you think of potato kugel as a gateway to more casserole fun, then these tips will ensure the right mix of crispy and creamy to get your kugel, casserole, and everything in between to that oh-so-perfect consistency.

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