The Simple Trick For Brewing Multiple Bags Of Iced Tea With Ease

A pitcher and two glasses of iced tea with lemon slices
A pitcher and two glasses of iced tea with lemon slices - Chas53/Getty Images

There are few things more refreshing than a chilled glass of iced tea. Each sip has an earthy yet cooling taste that's enjoyed all through the warmer months. But if you're making a large batch for an event or to savor throughout the week, there's a simple trick that will make preparing iced tea much easier. Any Southerner will tell you that you can't make a batch of iced tea without using a large amount of tea bags.

So, whatever number you're thinking of, double it to take your iced tea to the next level. A good brew has a strong flavor that can't be diluted by ice cubes, lemon slices, or mint leaves, so an inordinate amount of tea bags is the only way to achieve that. The downside, however, is that it's easy for a lone tea bag or two to make its way into the pitcher if you can't see it. Rather than putting the tea bags in one by one, tie them together so you can stick the whole batch in -- and take it out -- all at once.

Once you've tied all the bags together by their strings, cut off the paper labels and place the bags into the pot. When the tea bags have steeped long enough in the hot water, you can use a ladle to scoop them out or bring them out with a pair of tongs. Alternatively, you can tie the bags to a spoon or stick for easy removal and let the bags dangle into the water to steep.

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Can You Tie Different Types Of Tea Bags Together?

Three fresh tea bags on a counter
Three fresh tea bags on a counter - New Africa/Shutterstock

Most iced tea recipes will call for only one type of tea, depending on the kind of flavor you're after. Black tea is a popular pick for the drink, delivering a rich, earthy take on the refreshment. And when you're in the mood for something lighter and almost floral-like, green tea is the top choice. However, combining them is an easy way to elevate homemade iced tea, giving it a flavor that is both full-bodied and herbaceous.

Typically, green tea can't be steeped for too long, or else it will take on a bitter tinge. Black tea, meanwhile, is left in the steaming water for much longer than green tea, often 15 minutes, so you'll need to tie the different tea bags together separately. First, tie the black tea bags to a spoon and let them dangle into the water. Then, tie the green tea bags to a different spoon and place them in the water around 10 minutes after putting the black tea in the pot and let them steep for the last five minutes.

This method works well when you want to draw out a different flavor profile in your iced tea. For example, if you want your pitcher of Earl Grey sweet tea to taste more robust, adding a few bags of black tea will do the trick. Likewise, for a lighter flavor, opt for a few green tea bags.

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