Simone Ashley On Ice Baths, Bridgerton Make-Up And Self-Expression

simone ashley
Simone Ashley Beauty InterviewProvided by L'Oréal Paris

Whether she's portraying the lovable Olivia Hanan in Netflix's Sex Education, Ariel's older sister in The Little Mermaid or a soon-to-be viscountess in Bridgerton, Simone Ashley is proving that, whatever role she assumes, she's a force to be reckoned with.

Soon to add thriller to her CV as she lands a leading role in This Tempting Madness, ELLE UK sits down with the new L'Oréal Paris brand ambassador to discuss red-carpet beauty, the impact of social media and her off-duty wellness rules.

What was the inspiration behind your Cannes red carpet look?

'I wore the most beautiful Stella McCartney dress. It was stunning, black and strapless; a mini dress but with a super long train and pockets. It's so beautifully designed and I feel like it was made for me when I wore it. I was very, very proud and honoured to be wearing it for the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival, a look which we paired with a kohl liner smokey eye and berry lip.'

simone ashley cannes film festival
Provided by L'Oréal Paris

Do you consider make-up to be a form of self-expression?

'Sometimes it depends on what I'm wearing or what season it is; that's how I will use make-up to express myself or how I'm feeling. I would say experimenting for me is a heavier make-up look, such as black kohl eyeliner. That's when I'm being more daring with my make-up and expressing myself in a different way.'


How has social media impacted your perception of beauty?

'I see more girls that look like me. More beauty influencers, make-up artists, artists, actors, musicians - seeing skin that looks like mine is beautiful to me.'

simone ashley
Provided by L'Oréal Paris

What does your downtime look like?

'I love spending time with my friends, which is always very recharging for me. I also love going to a sauna or doing an ice bath. I think spending any time with people I love is most important to me and my downtime. Oh, and sleep!'

Who are the beauty tastemakers that inspire you?

'I would have to say Jessie and Frieda, my amazing make-up team from Bridgerton. It's the second season I've done with them and I've learned so much from them; I feel so taken care of by them and I think they really helped create Kate Sharma's identity. They are masters in their craft.

simone ashley
Provided by L'Oréal Paris

'Jesse taught me a lot about how to apply make-up with different methods and shades that suit me, from playing with blushes to new lip colours. And Freda has just inspired me with what you can do with hair. She uses lots of different references and styles, and has shown me how creative you can get.'

What's the best beauty best piece of beauty advice you've ever been given?

'Don't touch your eyebrows. Leave your eyebrows alone. I used to pluck them far too much.'

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