Silent Witness: BBC shares first look at new episode

Silent Witness is returning for its 26th season, and to celebrate, the BBC is giving fans a first look at what's to come. Sharing a new clip on Instagram, it looks like crime-solving duo Dr Nikki Alexander and Jack Hodgson are back on the case and with a new team member, too.

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Shown carrying out forensics on an abandoned car, Nikki and Jack – played by Emilia Fox and David Caves – are joined by Anatomical Pathology Technologist trainee, Velvy Schur in the scene.

WATCH: Nikki Alexander and Jack Hodgson take on a new mystery in season 26

Played by Alastair Michael, the actor recently revealed that his character has just left the Orthodox Jewish community and "goes from being the newbie who's quite green to being someone who feels like he's part of the team."

Season 26 will also see Nikki and Jack working with another new recruit, Gabriel Folukoya (played by Aki Omoshaybi). He is described as "an academic, neurologist and pathologist who has spent much of his career in innovative research, primarily in the field of data analysis."

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A returning favourite, fans can also rest assured that Rhiannon May is back as Jack's niece, Cara Connelly – and she's even following in her uncle's footsteps this season by studying criminology at university.


Nikki and Jack will be joined by new team members Velvy and Gabriel at the Lyell Centre

Prior to sharing a first look at 'The Penitent (part one), the BBC has already released an official synopsis for the opening episode, which is currently available to watch on iPlayer.

It reads: "When a man is thrown from a high-rise building, the team are propelled into the criminal underworld of a notorious mafia group, the Ndrangheta. Aided by the National Crime Agency, Nikki and her team set about uncovering the truth. As they descend deeper into the murky depths of the investigation, Nikki soon finds herself caught in the mafia's web, with deadly consequences."

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