Sienna Miller's Hair Stylist Explains How To Achieve Her 'Ethereal And Effortless' Hair

sienna miller hair
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Much like her trailblazing style has defined a new era of boho dressing and invoked a resurgence for all things tassled and frilled, Sienna Miller's hair has garnered similar icon status, paving a way for effortless, insouciant waves and a sun-kissed blonde that is at once impossibly effortless and equally challenging to replicate.

As for the man behind Miller's enviable tresses, the London-born celebrity hairstylist, Earl Simms has been responsible for every major red carpet hairstyle, from her glamorous Met Gala mermaid waves to her most recent Cannes Film Festival appearance, where her tousled locks mirrored those seen on the Chloé AW24 runway and complemented a sheer ruffled dress from the French fashion house.


Here, ELLE UK speaks exclusively to Simms about his Cannes Film Festival hair inspiration, working with Miller over the years and how the actor masters that polished yet undone, classic but cool aesthetic every time...

What was the hairstyling inspiration for Cannes Film Festival?

'Sienna’s beauty and style is always the first inspiration. To complement her Chloé look, we created ethereal and effortless hair. To start, I applied Hair by Sam McKnight's Love Me Do Nourishing Oil and Happy Endings Nourishing Balm from mid-length to ends. I then sectioned the hair from back to front and blow-dried it using a wide paddle brush to create a sleek and smooth finish.

'To create the waves, I used a large tong to create slight waves in the hair; for each section, starting from the bottom and working upwards, and using the tong to bend the hair from left to right. To finish, I simply gently ran fingers through the hair to separate the strands and create volume before adding hairspray. For me, it is always about the complete look, so that the hair complements Sienna’s effortlessly chic and timeless style.'

sienna miller hair at cannes film festival
Earl Simms for Hair By Sam McKnight

How do you create new hairstyles for the red carpet?

'I don’t ideate trends; I like to work with my clients and organically create a style for them. Not over-thinking and planning but to work with the magic of the environment in that moment and the event. First, I look and discuss what they are wearing; their outfit will dictate the direction, so it's a collaboration between make-up, talent and stylist. I always say: go with the flow, we can prep and change as we go.'

sienna miller, cannes film festival
Dave Benett - Getty Images

What's your creative process?

'I like to work quite spontaneously. Often you can spend time prepping and the whole look can change when you get in the room. First you have to see the outfit as this will dictate the direction for a particular look.'

Who and what inspires you when it comes to hair?

'My inspiration is drawn from day to day life. The beauty of my job is exploring the world and celebrating the uniqueness of the new people I meet along the way.'

Which hairstyling products are always in your kit?

'I always have a Parlux hairdryer, BaByliss tongs and Ghd irons in my kit. My main go-to styling products are Sam McKnight, specifically the Love Me Do Nourishing Oil and Happy Endings Nourishing Balm; these are my hero products for creating a sleek, shiny and long-lasting finish.'

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