Sienna Miller admits feeling 'saddened' that people used to copy her vintage boho outfits

Sienna Miller has opened on the
Sienna Miller has opened on the "treasured" boho items that made her a noughties style icon. (Getty Images)

She spearheaded the boho trend that dominated noughties style, but Sienna Miller has admitted that she felt "saddened" to see her prized vintage finds reproduced in mass fashion.

In a new interview, the 39-year-old actress, who is this year's face for Oxfam's Second Hand September initiative, has opened up about what it was really like to see hoards of fans copying her looks from the high street – which included embellished belts, tiered dresses, floppy hats and cowboy boots sold in the likes of Topshop.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph's Stella magazine, she said: "When I first became well-known, a lot of my beautiful vintage clothes that I’d collected from a very young age were mimicked and remade.

"And that was – well, it was certainly not a heartbreak, but I remember feeling saddened, like, 'Oh, these little, treasured pieces are replicable.'"

The actress (pictured in 2004 at Glastonbury) spearheaded the trend for embellished belts. (Getty Images)
The actress (pictured in 2004 at Glastonbury) spearheaded the trend for embellished belts. (Getty Images)

Miller wet on to describe some of her ensembles from her early 20s as "really cool", while others were a "complete shambles".

She noted: "I have a restless attitude towards fashion. The only pieces that I never get tired of are my vintage pieces. I treasure them in a way that I don’t newer things."

The mother-of-one revealed that she has kept certain "treasured" items for her daughter Marlowe, nine, who she shares with former partner, the actor Tom Sturridge, 35.

This includes her much-imitated coin belt, as well as the black ra-ra frock she memorably wore to Glastonbury in 2004.

In the years since Miller made her big break in the 2004 films Layer Cake and Alfie – which she starred in opposite Jude, who she famously went on to date – she has become as well-known for her stylish dress sense.

The star, who turns 40 later this year, will next appear in the Apple TV climate change-focused series Extrapolations.

Former faces of Oxfam's annual campaign include actress Michaela Coel in 2020 and the late model Stella Tennant in 2019.

It encourages people to purchase only second-hand clothes for the entire month, and also to donate old items to their network of shops.

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