Side Partings Were Everything, Everywhere, And All At Once At The Oscars

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Side Partings Dominated The Oscars Red Carpet Hearst Owned

The stars have spoken: side partings are well and truly alive... and they're here to stay. As celebrities paraded the 2023 Oscars Champagne-coloured carpet last night, the standout hair look is one that Gen Zs and millennials have been debating (over TikTok, obviously) for months – the side parting.

Flashback to early 2021 and Gen Z's hot take on side partings was that it's a style - similar to too much eyeliner and heavy foundation - that's best left in the past, claiming that no one looks better with a side part than they do a middle part. There is some degree of truth here. When done badly, a side parting does remind us of our emo fringe days spent chasing after Sk8er Bois and 'coding' on Myspace.

But beauty trends come and go, and it looks like 2023 is very much in favour of the side part. Google searches for 'side parting hairstyles' increased by 90% at the start of the year, and style stars such as Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney and Bella Hadid have all been spotted embracing the look.

At Sunday night's Oscars, the side parting had never been chicer thanks to celebrities from Michelle Yeoh, Angela Bassett and Halle Berry to Jessie Buckley, Jessica Chastain and Sofia Carson all leaning into the trend.

No matter the style, whether it's waist-grazing waves à la Chastain, or a rock n' roll bob à la Buckley, a deep side part has the ability to take a look to the 'next level' by creating asymmetry that adds visual interest. Even sleek updos, such as Carson's beehive, received the side part treatment. So why this newfound obsession with side parts?

'It's one of the easiest ways to show someone’s facial features in their best light, especially if coupled with stronger make-up,' says Jonathon Eangland, senior stylist at John Frieda salons. Anyone can do a side part, but placement is key.

'Choose the location of your parting based on where your hair naturally falls best or where it looks the most flattering on your face. Aim for specific facial features and parts of bone structure. A good rule of thumb is to pick out the corner of the brow bone on whichever side you’re going for and drag diagonally back from there,' explains Eangland. A shallow parting that goes back to 2-3cm from your forehead will create the illusion of more volume, while a deeper parting that goes all the way back will keep thick hair from looking bulky.

To create a precise parting, a rat-tail comb is essential and remember to part your hair while its damp before a blow-dry, says Eangland. He namechecks Virtue Volumizing Mousse and Hair By Sam McKnight Cool Girl spray to give your parting some volume and hold.

Side partings, here we come.

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