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Shoppers say Lululemon's newest crossbody is the 'cutest little bag' for summer

Lululemon shoppers call it the "cutest little bag."

someone wearing the Lululemon crossbody bag
Shop Lululemon's All Night Festival Bag Micro 2L in four colours. (Photos via Lululemon)

One of Lululemon's latest crossbody bags just dropped in two summer-ready colourways — Ancient Copper, a rusty brown, and Windmill, a pale blue — and I'm loving 'em for summer. If you're a fan of their larger 5L All Night Festival Bag but find it a bit too big for day-to-day, then you might want to check out the micro 2L version. It'll hold all of essentials without weighing you down.

I'm not even kidding; everyone in my family is ordering this bag as we speak — my sister in all four colours —"Sar, I need options!" she says. And she's not wrong. This bag is as comfortable as it is cute, which is essential for a busy gal like me who walks a lot in the city. With this practical pouch, you'll be strolling through summer in style. Scroll below to learn more about this "perfect" and "versatile" carry-all.

Shop the micro festival bag in four colours.

$74 at Lululemon

As mentioned, the two-litre All Night Festival Bag is the smaller version of Lululemon's bestselling five-litre bag.

Measuring 13cm x 5cm x 14cm (5.1" x 2.0" x 5.5") with an adjustable strap that's 130cm (51.2") when fully extended, it's constructed with water-repellent nylon fabric that can easily take you from day to night in style.

Much like its macro five-litre predecessor, this pouch has a secure front pocket and wide opening to ease searching for your on-the-go essentials.

⭐️ 4/5 stars

💬 630+ ratings

🏆 "It's impressively compact, yet somehow has enough space to fit all my essentials."

Shop the micro festival bag in four colours.

$74 at Lululemon

Customers can't get enough of this bag, with many calling it "perfect" and "versatile," as it's ideal for both dressier and casual outfits.

One person labelled it the "cutest little bag," commenting that it was a great bag for "travelling and small outings."

One shopper wrote that they really loved the black with the gold hardware, and another mentioned how "true to size" the pouch is.

However, despite mostly positive reviews, one person commented that it was a little smaller than they had hoped, and another stated it was "pretty but small" — something to keep in mind before you buy.

With hundreds of glowing reviews and shoppers calling Lululemon's All Night Festival Bag Micro "the absolute best," it's easy to rationalize its $74 price tag. The micro version of the 5L original is a versatile crossbody pouch that is great for upscale and casual outings alike. However, some shoppers did mention this micro pouch was a bit smaller than they had anticipated, which is something to consider as you weigh your decision to purchase.

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