Shirlie and Martin Kemp share frustration over water-logged garden

Shirlie Kemp in a black jacket and Martin Kemp in a black and white jacket
Shirlie and Martin Kemp celebrate The George Michael Collection in 2019 (Dave Benett)

Shirlie and Martin Kemp are always giving us house envy with their renovation updates, but we love that the couple keep it real when it comes to setbacks, too.

The husband and wife, who met during the 1980s popstar scene when Shirlie was part of the group Wham! and Martin in Spandau Ballet, have been transforming their gorgeous Victorian house and garden from the ground up over the past two years, but Shirlie did share her frustration when a spot of bad weather caused an issue in the garden recently.

Posting on her Instagram Stories on her home account, Maison Number 9, Shirlie panned the camera across the garden to show how the work they had been doing digging up the ground was now full of rainwater, no doubt putting a stop to any progress they were hoping to make.

Shirlie shared this photo of their garden
Shirlie shared this photo of their garden (Instagram)

The Pepsi & Shirlie star wrote simply in the caption: "Outside," followed by an exasperated face emoji. Shirlie's frustration was perhaps furthered by the fact that she and Martin had been working hard on moving rose bushes earlier this month.

The mother-of-two explained previously: "I had the idea that Martin can help dig up some of the roses that need moving," before adding: "Suns out so moving roses before work starts again." In another video, Martin can be seen digging up the bushes ready to move them to another area of their huge outdoor area.

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However, a post shared immediately after the water-logged garden video was a more positive update as Shirlie revealed a glimpse inside their stunning new TV room. The caption read: "Not going out for a while," with a television emoji, and given how stunning the room is, we can't say we blame them!

Shirlie and Martin's cosy hideaway looks super chic. The huge flatscreen is placed neatly on a stand and is enclosed by a built-in bookcase surrounding the TV. We love the dark blue-grey colour scheme of the shelves, which offer plenty of space to store books, ornaments and more.

Under the large screen, a soundbar lays on the cabinet below while underneath that there is an impressive stack of vinyl records lined up neatly – unsurprising thanks to both Shirlie and Martin's passion for music and their former careers in the industry. We bet they have a cracking selection!

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Martin and Shirlie's new TV room
Martin and Shirlie's new TV room (Instagram)

As well as giving us 'house goals', Shirlie and Martin are total 'marriage goals', too. The couple spoke to HELLO! in an exclusive interview recently about how much they still value their romance and time together after more than 30 years of marriage.

Martin Kemp and Shirlie Kemp with their dog at the gorgeous home
Martin Kemp and Shirlie Kemp with their dog at the gorgeous home (Instagram)

"It's interesting how love develops, as you get older, and you become more comfortable with each other," said Martin, 62. "You don't have to try, and that in itself becomes attractive. Smaller things mean more, as long as you don't start taking each other for granted."

Shirlie added that, for her, romance means "making the other person feel loved in a way that you're doing things for them. So if Martin's been working all day, I'll light all the candles, make the house nice and clean and prepare dinner." She added: "He's still the best-looking man I've ever seen. And I still fancy him."