Shikellamy showcases art students' work

May 6—SUNBURY — The Shikellamy School District art department recently showcased its students during an art show held at the high school.

According to Shikellamy High School Principal Marc Freemen, the art teachers put on the show with the goal to display the art students' work.

Teachers Christina Landau Jenn Shay, also wanted to unveil a mural that students made for the high school's Patriots' Wall.

"This mural will be on display next to a photo of Dutch Van Kirk who was a 1936 graduate of Northumberland High School and was the navigator on the Enola Gay," Freeman said.

The Enola Gay was the plane that dropped the first nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, and ended World War II.

"It will also be displayed with an American flag that flew over the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor," Freeman said. "This flag was donated to the high school by Ms. Jean Crane, who was a librarian at Bloomsburg Middle School."

Crane worked with Freeman for many years and loves history and has worked with veterans during her tenure as a teacher at Bloomsburg, Freeman said.

"The night was a huge success and about 125 parents, students, and community members toured the artwork on display," Freeman said.

Student Sam Luke designed the mural, and students Ryan, Jackson, Lex Welliver and others painted it, Feeeman said.

"Everything about the process was amazing," Welliver said. "It was great to work with my fellow artists and friends on this project."

Student Jackson Karlovich said it was an honor to work on the project.

"It was an honor to pay tribute to those who died in battle from Shikellamy High School by creating this mural," Karlovich said. "We hope they won't be forgotten."

Feeeman said the students showed off their skills in a big way.

"These students have amazing artistic talent," he said. However, they worked extremely hard to improve their craft and are never satisfied. Often people look at artists and assume they create these amazing pieces of art because of talent, but they do not see the hours behind the scenes working to hone their craft. Also, it should not be overlooked, the great teachers behind these young artists.

"We have two of the best art teachers in the area. They are great teachers and build amazing relationships with students. This is why we have a thriving art club and art culture at Shikellamy."

Freeman said he felt inspired by the project and was "Brave Proud."

"It is an example of when great teaching and great students combine to do great things," he said. "The art show and the creation of the mural is one of my most proud moments at Shikellamy."