Sheridan Smith announced for new thriller adapted from popular book

Sheridan Smith announced for new thriller adapted from popular book

Sheridan Smith has landed her next leading role in The Castaways, an upcoming thriller series based on Lucy Clarke's bestselling novel of the same name.

The Paramount+ UK show will follow sisters Lori (played by Sheridan) and Erin (Céline Buckens), who are separated after having a huge fight when Lori boards their plane to Fiji and Erin doesn't (via Deadline).

However, the flight never arrives at its destination and no wreckage is found. When Erin later discovers that Lori's credit card has been used in Fiji and recognises the plane's pilot using it in some CCTV footage, she does everything in her power to track her sister down.

The show is set to switch between the different perspectives of the two sisters, with Erin investigating her sister's disappearance in the present day, while Lori battles for survival after the plane crashes.

Filming will take place in Greece and Fiji in June.

Sheridan Smith said of her new role in a statement: "I’m so excited to be working with Céline Buckens and to be part of this amazing production bringing Lucy Clarke’s best-selling novel to life.

"And, as I’m currently playing Shirley Valentine in London’s West End, it’s ironic that I finally get to go Greece!"

Céline Buckens, who has starred in The Ex-Wife and Showtrial, added: "I’m really thrilled to bring Erin to life – she’s a firecracker and the scripts bring layers and darkness to such an arresting premise. I hope audiences will be as hooked watching it as I was reading it."

Meanwhile, author Lucy Clarke said that the show "promises to be an incredible adaptation" of her book, adding: "The scriptwriting is electric, and Sheridan and Céline are perfectly cast as Lori and Erin."

The Castaways begins filming in June.

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