The "Fart Twins," The Collapsing Bed Incident, And 23 More Unexpectedly Hilarious Things That Happened During Sex

Cracking up during sex is probably not your hottest fantasy, but trust me, it's a huge green flag when someone is able to be silly in the sack. Recently, u/[deleted] asked people on Reddit to share the funniest thing that's ever happened to them during sex, and the responses did not disappoint. Here's what people had to say:

1."Found out the hard way that if you're really gettin' into it, the sound can activate the Clapper and turn the lamp on and off repeatedly."

Illuminated table lamp on a nightstand creating a warm ambiance in a dimly lit room
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2."While having sex with my wife, I gently squeezed her breasts. At the same time, a train went past on the local line and blasted its horn. The timing was spot on. We both started laughing like a couple of idiots. It interrupted the flow for a bit, but we still look at each other and laugh or grin some ten years later when we hear a train horn."


3."Me and my husband were going at it when my mum turned up at the house unannounced. All our clothes were in a different room, and we were both stuck in the living room. My husband ended up having to run across the garden to fetch clothes for us both while I kept telling mum, 'I'll be another minute.' We said we were playing hide and seek and she never showed up unannounced again after that. Still makes me cringe to this day."


4."We were trying out a new position and I accidentally kicked my partner in the face. It was both hilarious and slightly embarrassing, but we couldn't stop laughing."

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5."Our cat was on the bed, and we didn’t know. I happened to see him out of the corner of my eye, and his head was rocking back and forth from the motion on the bed. I couldn’t contain my laughter."


6."Our Google home hub speaker randomly said during sex, 'I don't understand your request.'"


7."We were going at it hard on top of satin sheets and didn’t notice how close to the edge we had moved until the sheet, and us, went right off the edge of the bed and onto the floor where we laid laughing for several minutes."

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8."I once accidentally knocked over a bottle of lube, and it spilled all over the bed, making it incredibly slippery. We couldn't stop laughing as we tried to navigate the situation without falling off the bed!"


9."I blew my knee out switching positions. Me and the wife heard the pop. She’s laughing; I’m screaming. Required surgery. The surgeon was bragging to his staff in pre-op. He said I was his first sex injury. Got to PT, and they asked all the same questions. The lady started laughing. Go to work with the PTA. He starts laughing. It turned into a badge of honor, and yes… I did finish. As most cruddy things are, it's funny after the fact."


10."As a joke, we tried one of those glow-in-the-dark condoms. My then-girlfriend had fits of giggles just seeing a disembodied glowing penis wandering around the room."

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11."While I was on top, his roommate came in wearing AirPods and didn't notice us for like 10 seconds, then walked like two feet from the bed. He turned around, and I was RIGHT THERE, so he jumped so badly and stuttered over his words and just left."


12."My husband and I both had to fart. He said, 'I’ll be right back. I gotta go check on something,' went to the bathroom, and I heard the cheek clapper. Then I let mine out, and it sounded EXACTLY THE SAME! He came into the bedroom and said we were fart twins, and we were cracking up laughing in bed and then somehow ended up making out and finishing what we started."


13."We have a pet cockatiel who learned to mimic my mother's laughter (He had a weird obsession with her like she was his mate). Well, one night, my husband and I are going at it all National Geographic, and the birb starts laughing — exactly like my mother's laugh. It got distracting, so we stopped till he stopped. We started again, and he started laughing again. My husband sat up mid-sexy time and said, 'Nope! I can't do this with your mother laughing at me.'"

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14."My girlfriend and I were at her house on the couch, fully naked, when her father came home. We lay there under a blanket, heads at either end of the couch, while he sat and talked to us and watched TV for over an hour. HORRIBLE."


15."Did it with someone in a hotel room. The king-size bed was just two single mattresses alongside each other. We got going in missionary position, and the fitted sheet came loose. We started sinking between the two halves of the bed and eventually finished on the box spring."


16."I had a sleep app that recorded my wife and me as 'animal sounds'."

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17."My cat came in to the room, jumped on us, and started making biscuits."


18."We were dirty talking, and she said, 'I love your dick,’ and in a haze of near-orgasm stupidness, I shouted, 'I love your dick too.'"


19."Confidently trying to take a bra off, only for her to reveal after a bit that it was a front opener. My confidence was dented but I didn't care due to the great view."

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20."My husband (then live-in boyfriend) and I were doing doggy style in the bed, and our cat decided that was a perfect time to crawl through the tunnel that was our legs and rub his back and tail across our connected genitals and then flop over between my arms. We laughed so hard that Kitty was asked to leave the room."


21."The slats fell out of the bed, and the mattress fell to the floor. We laughed so hard."


22."I used to love telling my girlfriend (and it was such a great feeling) when I hit 10,000 steps on my Fitbit. The second my watch starts buzzing, I give it the old, 'Oh hey, look, I hit 10,000 steps!' One day we were doing it, and it got really hot and heavy, and as soon as I said that I was about cum, my watch started buzzing. I can't begin to explain the pure excitement of hitting 10,000 steps while cumming. That was probably a once-in-a-lifetime moment."

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23."I accidentally discovered the girl I was with was very ticklish. Sexy time took a break to be replaced by a naked tickle fight."


24."After I got off, I laid back to catch my breath and let out a long, satisfied, exhausted moan, but I had a little spit in my throat and wound up making a weird Chewbacca noise instead. She laughed so hard she fell out of the bed."


25.And finally, "Our nose rings got stuck together. His, a septum piercing, and mine, a hoop in my nostril. He kept telling me he'd be able to get us apart if I would just stop laughing. It was difficult."

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