Shay Mitchell's diamanté Juicy Couture claw clip should be in a 00s museum

Shay Mitchell just fanned the flames of my current Juicy Couture obsession. I missed out on the brand's heyday, being just a little too young to have my own, but I've been making up for lost time this year and have got pretty addicted to the iconic tracksuits. But no one told me they did hair accessories! Ok, I'd seen the scrunchies, but clips? Need need need.

Attending Usher's Lovers and Friends festival in Las Vegas, Nevada – with who appear to be her... lovers and friends – Shay pulled back her long dark tresses and twisted them up into a claw clip. I mean, claw clips alone are y2k excellence, but this beauty is encrusted with the word 'Juicy' in diamantés and it fully deserves this close-up in her gallery of pics from the festival. Just swipe and see:

One commenter wrote: "Also known as Slay Mitchell 🔥" and that's facts. The style and accessory choice was even more apt for the 00s packed lineup of the Hip Hop and RnB festival, with headliners including 50 cent, Missy Elliot, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. It's hard to see someone living your dream.

While a trip to Vegas for this festival next year isn't exactly in my budget, the hair clip seemed more feasible. So obviously I was on Google shopping search as fast as my fingers could carry me.

Sadly I couldn't track down this clip, meaning it's either no longer on sale or potench could be a relic from Shay's original 00's collection?

But I did find these diamanté slides that caused my jaw to drop so low and fast our beauty assistant Lia asked what I'd just seen on my laptop. #breakingnews

Did I mention they're half price?

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