'I started to cry at the sight of my slightly ageing body': Sharon Stone opens up about body confidence

Sharon Stone shared her body confidence issues in an interview. (Getty Images)
Sharon Stone shared her body confidence issues in an interview. (Getty Images)

To many, Sharon Stone is the epitome of beautiful.

The actress shot to the top of the world’s sexiest women alive lists across the world after her portrayal of Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct.

Despite this, Stone couldn’t hide her incredulity around the fact that so many people found a serial killer “sexy” in an interview with Vogue Germany.

The 62-year-old also admitted that there were many occasions where she felt nothing like the woman topping the lists.

“There was a point in my forties when I went into the bathroom with a bottle of wine, locked the door, and said: I won't get out until I can fully accept my body.” She revealed.

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Stone, who had a “massive stroke and a four-day brain bleed” has been open about her story in a bid to warn people about the early signs of a stroke.

She revealed she’s working on a memoir book which will cover everything from her stoke to her divorce, as well as her secrets to ageing well.

“I started to cry at the sight of my slightly ageing body and face in the magnifying mirror. But you are not completely powerless and can slow down the process enormously if you pull yourself together, eat disciplined and exercise a lot.” She admitted.

In the interview, she revealed the secret behind her youthful looks.

“I feel most alive when I dance. Not just a little bit now and then. No, I dance my soul at least three or four nights a week! This keeps you in shape and awake and ignites life energy.

“I also got my sleep rhythm in order by not pulling the curtains anymore and therefore waking up at eight instead of twelve at noon.”

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The actress, who beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall, credits a mixture of bodybuilding and martial arts, especially taekwondo, for that victory.

She also said she “noticed a huge difference” when she gave up alcohol for three months.

Another pearl of wisdom Stone shared pertained to her flexibility.

“On round birthdays, I also face new fitness challenges. You see, I can still use my toes to touch my head here in the chair, even without warming up. I owe that to extreme stretch meditation workouts. Otherwise I couldn't get through these shoots. “

The ever articulate Stone left us with some homework, too: “I think it is essential for each of us, whether famous or not, young or old, to think about what it means to you in life. Think it through to the end and include the result in your meditation to make your deep wish come true.”