Sharon Osbourne's daughter Aimee inspires fans with revealing personal statement

Following some of the most difficult weeks of her life, and following the verdict on the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, Sharon Osbourne's daughter, Aimee Osbourne, is sharing some deeply personal revelations.

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The musician reflected about herself as well as the impact that both Johnny and the music studio devastating fire – which left one person dead – have left on her.

She revealed to fans her hopes for the future, within her personal life and beyond, as the outcome of both events upfold.

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"Music really is a universal magical gift that unites us & heals us," she began by saying in a post which included a selfie of hers leaning on the railing of a balcony.

She also included clips from a performance the Pirates of the Caribbean actor gave at the Royal Albert Hall alongside Jeff Beck, saying that watching them: "Helped ground me back into how vital that is for me, after a life changing few weeks."

Aimee described them as: "Both complete gentlemen & true artists riding the waves of life with authenticity & dedication to who they are & how they share their art."

The emotional statement

Speaking of the highly discussed trial, she said: "A trial ended today, hopefully bringing peace & eventual healing to all involved & affected."

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She also noted that while the trial was grueling for all sides involved, she wrote: "I'm personally grateful that the trial brought to light an understanding of BPD & the harrowing impact it can have on the people trying to cope with someone in their life with it, something I identify with deeply."


She also included a photo of her with Johnny

Fans praised her in the comments for her words, writing: "Well said Ms. Osborne this post sums it up really. We need to talk more in this world and to each other about our mental health," and: "This is beautiful," as well as: "Thank you for mentioning BPD."

She concluded her thoughtful message with: "I really hope we continue to approach mental health, & those dealing with people in their lives struggling with its many forms, with openness, curiosity, compassion & vigilance."

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