Sharon Osbourne sleeping in a tent along Mall ahead of the coronation

Sharon Osbourne has been spotted peeping out of a tent as she joins royal fans camping along the Mall ahead of the King’s coronation tomorrow (6 May).

Hundreds of fans have lined the Mall to get a glimpse of King Charles III and Queen Camilla as they make their way from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.

Osbourne, 70, has been spotted in a tent, wrapped up in a coat and wearing a hat, before filming a segment for TalkTV shortly after midnight in the early hours of Thursday (5 May).

One royal fan, Daniel Chapman, shared a picture to Twitter posing with the former X Factor judge, who was apparently handing out sandwiches and cakes to royal campers.

“Surrealist moment of last night? Watching Sharon Osbourne filming a segment at 1am and then having her walking about offering up sandwiches and cakes to campers!” Chapman wrote, adding. “Thanks for the sarnie.”

It comes a day after the TalkTV host made a “deal” with broadcaster JJ Anisiobi on air to go camping with royal fans.

Asked on air if she would camp outside Buckingham Palace, Osbourne insisted she was ready for the challenge after her TalkTV co-hosts said there was “no chance” she would.

Osbourne was adamant that she would “absolutely” camp along the Mall.