Share With Me A Red Or Green Flag You've Seen In A Guy's Room After Going Home With Him

I don't want to single guys out but they do have a reputation for being messy creatures.

Yes, plenty of women can be messy, too, but for some reason, guys get the bad rap!

A little while ago, I wrote a post about women sharing things they learned about men after moving in with them and the comments were wild. So I am once again reaching out to the women of the BuzzFeed Community, this time to ask: what are some things that surprised you about a guy's room after going home with him — good or bad?

The inspo for this post comes from the "boys room" series on TikTok that is just too good.

Maybe you went home with a guy at the end of the night and were shocked to see that he had posters of his celebrity crush all over his room — I'm talking J-14 magazine style posters.

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Or maybe your jaw was on the floor at how clean and neat the guy was. Everything was so perfect in his room, you didn't even want to sit anywhere in fear you'd mess something up. Despite feeling this way, it was a great thing to see!

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Perhaps the guy had one too many female touches around his room which made you think he possibly had a girlfriend who he was cheating on with you.

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Whatever the red or green flag is that you discovered in a guy's room, I want to hear what it is. Share it with me in this anonymous form or in the comments below!