Shania Twain is unrecognisable with butt-skimming peroxide blonde hair

With her iconic Come on Over album turning 25 – yes 25 – Shania Twain just served a hair hattrick promoting her upcoming Las Vegas residency. But one style in particular threw us for six; a long Barbie blonde look skimming all the way down to her bottom. She looks so different.

In a shoot for Haute Living, Shania's peroxide look was worn centre-parted with a dirty root and loosely curled through the lengths. It's kind of giving 00s Jessica Simpson and we're not mad at it. Think: the bottle blonde extensions era but with some Southern volume.

This Barbie is one of the greatest recording artists of her generation.

Shan loves a dabble in bubblegum and marshmallow pink, and the shoot also featured some candy serves in her fondest hue, opting for an elevated paler take. And if this had been our first look in the carousel, we really might have scrolled right past without clocking her. How is she such a shapeshifter?

And of course, she had to represent the brunette Shania we know and love, with flowing goddess waves in her natural warm brown hue, brought to life with dense toffee-coloured money piece highlights.

While us making it to Vegas for her residency is highly unlikely, at least we'll get to devour all the beauty looks and share them with you guys. And presumably, there's going to be plenty to dissect. At least, if this shoot is anything to go by.

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