Shailene Woodley went through 'darkest' time after Aaron Rodgers split

Shailene Woodley went through the "darkest, hardest" time following her split from Aaron Rodgers.

During an interview for PORTER published on Monday, the Big Little Lies actress opened up about what it was like to shoot the upcoming TV series Three Women amid her breakup with the NFL quarterback.

Shailene and Aaron confirmed their engagement in February 2021 but reportedly parted ways in early 2022.

"It was hard to film because I was going through the darkest, hardest time in my life; it was winter in New York, and my personal life was s**tty, so it felt like a big pain bubble for eight months," she recounted. "I was so grateful that at least I could go to work and cry and process my emotions through my character."

In addition, Shailene noted that she struggled with the attention surrounding her relationship with Aaron.

Accordingly, she decided to take a break from posting on social media.

"It was the first time that I'd had a quote-unquote 'famous' relationship, and I watched (the) scrutiny, opinions, the desire for people to know my life and his life and our life - it just felt violating in a way that, before, it was fun," the 31-year-old continued. "I'm a very private person, and so I found that any time I posted anything, I instantly felt like I was sharing too much of who I am with people I didn't necessarily trust."

Three Women, based on the 2019 book of the same name by Lisa Taddeo, will premiere on Showtime.