Shailene Woodley feels she can 'exhale' since turning 30

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Shailene Woodley felt as if she could "exhale" once she reached her thirties.

During a recent interview for PORTER, the Big Little Lies actress reflected on how she has grown as a person since turning 30 in November 2022.

In particular, Shailene has focused on embracing her own identity.

"I've always loved getting older, but it's almost like I feel an exhale; I've been waiting so long to experience not giving a f**k about what other people think about me and my life and the choices I make," she explained. "I'm so excited to continue letting go of so many of the things that controlled me in my twenties; to really experience the joy of life in a way that, when you're younger, is more difficult to experience - because it's controlled by the way you were raised instead of the identity that you create as your own person."

Elsewhere in the interview, Shailene discussed how she no longer has any time for people who talk about subjects they have little knowledge of.

Accordingly, the star decided to step away from social media.

"I recognised that there was more noise than ever and most of the people I was following, they'd be posting about something, and yet, I knew behind closed doors, they didn't actually know what they were talking about, and I'm so allergic to people talking about things that they know nothing about," Shailene continued. "I think because of 'cancel culture', everybody feels like they have to be wise and intelligent about something, but no one actually wants to do the work of being quiet and taking the time to read books and educate themselves and listen to people who are actually well-informed on subjects, and to be critical thinkers."