Sex when pregnant: Does it affect the baby?

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When it comes to making every little pregnancy or parenting-related decision, it’s easy to feel stuck between a rock and a hard place; whether its how you hold your baby or choosing whether to bottle or breastfeed, there’s always someone telling you you’re putting your little one in danger.

And perhaps one of the most common rumours among these is about pregnancy and sex. During the long nine months before your child is born, there will undoubtedly be a time when you want to get intimate with your partner - but some say that doing so will harm your baby.

But is it true? We spoke to experienced midwife Dianne Garland MSc to set a few things straight.

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“Sexual intercourse will not affect the baby,” Garland explains.

“It may be that the couple will need to consider different positions the further into the pregnancy the mother is, but that’s about her comfort. The baby is well cushioned in the womb.”

So the idea that sex during pregnancy is unsafe, that it will trigger labour or somehow hurt the baby are total myths - if anything, Garland says that sex could be a positive move for a couple by bringing them closer together.

“It can open up a conversation between a woman and her partner about body image and motherhood for after she has delivered,” says Garland.

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“And it can bring a couple closer together - cuddles, kisses, gentle massage and more can bring love and relaxation.”

Because after all, as Garland says, sex during pregnancy is a cultural rather than medical issue. So only have sex if you feel comfortable to - and if there’s anything about the pregnancy that you’re worried about, be sure to talk to your midwife or doctor.

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