'Sex/Life' Season 2 Fans All Have The Same Complaint About The New Series

sexlife season 2 fan complaint
'Sex/Life' Fans Have Same Complaint About S2Netflix

*Warning: contains slight spoilers*

Last week the Netflix gods blessed us all when they dropped the second season of Sex/Life, arguably the most steamy show, on the platform.

The six part drama series sees the return of Billie, Brad, Cooper and Sasha, along with a brand new group of cast members including Billie's new lover Majid, yep she appears to have moved on from Brad and Cooper.

Whilst fans have been loving the series so far, including a new love interest for Sasha (Margaret Odette) and a complicated storyline for Cooper (Mike Vogel), they do have one big complaint about the series, and it's all to do with Brad.

sexlife season 2 fan complaint

Since the series dropped last week (2nd March) fans have been complaining Brad (Adam Demos) is not in the new series enough.

One fan tweeted: 'Brad was not in the new season enough for me #Sex/Life.'

Another said: 'Why was Brad only in like 10 minutes of this season of Sex/Life it’s boring without him he’s too sexy.'

And another said: 'Thoughts on Sex/Life season 2:- not enough Brad- not as spicy as season 1- not enough episodes- I need more.'

Many people on Adam Demos' personal Instagram account also commented saying they were missing him from the series, with one saying: 'I was disappointed that Brad was on the screen just for a couple of minutes.'

Viewers aren't wrong when they noticed Brad had a significantly smaller role in the series. Whilst he was a main character in season one, and does feature in every episode of Sex/Life season two, his appearances on the show do feel fewer.

At the start of season two when Billie (Sarah Shahi) turns up on Brad's door, he reveals he is in a new relationship with a model called Gigi and they are expecting a baby together. Much of his storyline in season two is about his relationship with Gigi whilst also trying to get Billie out of his mind.

sexlife season 2 fan complaint

Fans of the show will be pleased to know Adam Demos has heard your complaints loud and clear, saying it's nice to 'be missed, if people do miss Brad,' in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

However, he also explained he understood why his character had to take more of a backseat in this season, because of Billie's relationship with Majid.

He said: 'Maybe, in order to allow the Billie and Majid storyline, for you to buy into it, maybe Brad can’t always be there as much.

'But I did understand that in order for these storylines to work, you have to allow them to take their own form and have a life of their own. When you’re reading the scripts and knowing that you come full circle and they end up together, it wasn’t too bad to go through.'

sexlife season 2 fan complaint

Speaking of that full circle ending, if season three does happen we can certainly expect to be seeing a lot more of Brad.

Sex/Life season 2 is available to stream on Netflix now

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