From a How-To Sex Guide to a Hot Dog Toaster: Couples Reveal the Weirdest Wedding Gifts They’ve Ever Received

The odd gifts ranged from a gum ball machine to a live pet fish in a bowl



Married couples and wedding guests are getting candid about the craziest items they’ve ever given or received as "I do" gifts.

A Reddit user recently sparked a discussion on the popular website asking couples for the "weirdest or craziest thing” they ever received as a wedding gift, which prompted hundreds of responses.

One woman shared that she received a “how-to sex tape (cassette)” that was narrated by her mother-in-law. The comment received nearly 2,000 upvotes and also prompted several comments from other users who had “so many questions” about what the tape contained.

Another bride said that her aunt got her and her husband a "mini Kama Sutra kit with oils." She shared, "We never opened the box and forgot about it. Our 12-year-old found a very dusty box a few weeks ago and asked me what it was. He was shocked that his preschool teacher great-aunt would give that sort of thing."

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Others noted other odd antiquities including one person who said she received “a decorative wall fan made out of plastic forks, lace, ribbons, and ribbon roses. “I would have thought it was a joke but it was from a sweet little old lady in his hometown church. It was gloriously tacky,” she added.

A “gumball machine” was another wedding gift thrown in the bunch. One user wrote, “I happened to be at [my sister’s] house when it was delivered and we both burst into laughter after she opened it,” the user wrote. “No idea to this day why it was given.”

Some were even gifted live animals — including one woman who said she received a pet fish. She said she and her ex-husband were “broke college students” when they wed and one of their friends gifted them “a fishbowl, filled with water, and one goldfish.”

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“He brought it to the wedding and set it on the gift table - unwrapped,” she shared. “I don't think the fish survived beyond a few days as it was already looking pretty ragged at the reception.”

Some people even shared the weird things they gifted close friends for their wedding, including one user who shared that they gave their cousin a “hot dog toaster” as a wedding gift — at least three times.

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“For their first wedding I got them a hot dog toaster,” they wrote. “For the 2nd wedding, I got them another hot dog toaster. Mostly because I thought that would be hilarious. After one kid, a vasectomy, a vasectomy reversal, adopting a kid and one more vasectomy… they got remarried. #3 wedding I got them a hot dog toaster. Cause why not.”

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