Selena Gomez's sultry snap shows how to get lip overlining oh-so-right

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Selena shows how to get overlining oh-so-right Christopher Polk/NBC - Getty Images

Though it may have fans like Hayley Bieber and Shay Mitchell, for many of us, overlining is a trigger word; already pushing it into the do-not-open cupboard with 00s foundation lips. And we get it, it goes wrong a lot. A product of the social media era, what might look great on cameras⁠ — really like your pout just doubled in size ⁠— doesn't always translate in the flesh. We've all seen visible lip liner trailing around millimetres from the real lip line.

Don't get us wrong, we can appreciate some major overlining, like Kendall Jenner's recent XXL Bratz Doll pout, but if we were giving out an award for tekkers, it might just go to miss Selena Gomez. Her latest post features overlining as the Lord intended.

With a classic brown liner and clear gloss combo, the star has rolled the deep hued liner just over to the other side of her natural lip line. She's still had that added boost – extending where the natural colour of her lip ends – but by remaining on that ridge of her natural lip line, she totally dodges the double line effect and the crayon-like look of lip liner on skin.

And my God she looks, so. damn. hot.

Combined with a smoked-out brown eye, slick pony and snatching contour, we don't know how there can be so much hotness in one picture. Which is why we're so glad she's posted it after revealing she previously posted it before but deleted it, telling fans and followers: "I deleted this one time because I thought maybe it was too much but eh"

Yassss! It sucks that she felt this was too sexy for the 'gram but we're so glad she had a change of heart. Own it bestie.

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