Selena Gomez enjoyed learning new style of singing for Emilia Pérez

***DIGITAL USE ONLY*** - Selena Gomez loved exploring a different style of singing for her new musical movie Emilia Pérez. The actress and singer challenged herself when she signed up for Jacques Audiard's Spanish-language musical crime comedy alongside Zoe Saldaña, Édgar Ramírez and Karla Sofía Gascón. ”I loved it. The music wasn't what I was used to; it felt grand, open, and big, which was new for me," she told Variety. ”Working with (French singer) Camille, her husband, and their whole family, including their little daughter, was fun. I enjoyed myself and explored a style of singing I had never done before.” Emilia Pérez, which features songs written by Camille, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May and Selena and her co-stars were awarded the Best Actress prize. Reflecting on the win, she said, "Working with people like Zoe, Karla and Jacques is a privilege, and I believe hard work pays off.” The 31-year-old also credited the people around her for helping her making interesting career choices. ”It's nice to have guidance from others who would be amazing to work with, whether in writing or production.” “My mom started it all by helping me get Spring Breakers, a project I'm proud of despite its uniqueness. The taste around me has shaped my own.” "Working with Zoe, Édgar and Karla, we often can't believe he is directing us. Even when he gave me directions about being sad, I was just so happy.” Emilia Pérez was acquired by Netflix after its Cannes premiere but its release date has yet to be announced. THIS VIDEO MUST NOT BE EDITED FOR LENGTH TO COMBINE WITH OTHER CONTENT