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Segway electric scooters are a fun, gas-free alternative — and they're 40% off

Haven't you always wanted to spend a gorgeous sunny afternoon tooling around the parking lot of the storage place? Now you can! (Photos: Amazon)

Face it, no matter our age, we all still have a little "kid" inside us. That's just one reason why scooters have become so popular in recent years. Another is that they split the difference between the slowness of walking and the peddling, peddling, peddling of bicycling. That's never been truer in this age of the electric scooter, which takes the classic "kick" method (basically, pushing yourself ahead with one leg) and adds a motor — a battery-powered, non-air-polluting motor at that! Been thinking of taking the plunge, or know someone with an upcoming birthday who'd love one? Good news: whether you want one for yourself, your significant other or the teenager in your life, Amazon's got a number of Segway scooter models discounted by up to 43%. Roll on and read about our fave steals.

Designed for kids 3'9" to 4'9" tall, this sporty but safe number can reach a max speed of 8.7 and features two brakes, one hand-operated, one foot-operated. Weighing only 17.6 lbs., younger users can easily handle it while staying close to home, while tweeners can use it to commute to school in style.
$150 at Amazon

"We’ve had the scooter for six months or so with no issues," reported this pleased-as-punch parent. "We got it for our 10-year-old son and it is well worth the money. It’s pretty fast and goes up the hills in our neighborhood with no problem. Granted, they aren’t the hugest hills, but it was a concern. My son is very happy."

The T15's got a maximum speed of 15.5 mph, can travel up to 11 miles on a charge, and supports adults up to 220 pounds.
$300 at Amazon

A sleek design and a few (metaphorical) bells and whistles make the Ninebot D18W a fetching option. Made for not-dangerously-fast, not-too-long-distance tooling about — to the store, train station or around the park — it weighs just 32 pounds, which isn't much considering the amount of power it provides.

"Easy to set up and get riding in a hurry," said one reviewer. "I haven't used a full charge yet, but so far, the charge holds well. Comfortable ride and easy to use."

The Ninebot EW1L has got a little further range than the T15 (12.4 miles) and costs $100 less, which makes this a compelling option. On the other hand, it weighs a bit more. On the other other hand, we like those orange accents.
$300 at Amazon

The ES1L is a more, um, proletarian choice, but it brings lots of performance to the table. On most accounts, it does everything the T15 can, with one notable exception: It can handle only a 7% uphill grade, whereas the T15 can climb at 15%. Does that matter? Depends on the topography of your immediate area. In any event, it looks as cool as any other electric scooter around and will get you where you want to go, efficiently and quickly.

This rhetorically inclined reviewer put it thusly: "Can a scooter with a $269.99 [non-sale] price tag that sounds great on paper bridge the gap between riding your bike to work, possibly saving a little gas and even having some fun in the process? My short answer is: Yes, it can!"

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping on any of these scooters, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

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