REFY's latest brow drop has just made our morning routine 10 times easier

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REFY's latest brow product has finally droppedREFY

Once every few months I dedicate a chunk of my day to decluttering my makeup draw. Not only the products, but the eyeliner shavings, used cotton rounds and rogue false eyelashes that keep them company. From the age of 13 (ish) I developed a wild obsession with makeup, but as a beauty journalist, I’ve learnt to appreciate the benefits of having a capsule collection of products that I genuinely love. With about a gazillion beauty brands out there, it’s unlikely that you’ll find one where all the products deserve a place in your makeup bag. Then, I discovered REFY.

REFY is the brainchild of influencer Jess Hunt and founder of SHRINE, Jenna Meek. It may have only launched three years ago, but already there are a few icons that have reached sell-out status (more on that to come). Many of these products have become TikTok sensations, with the #refybrow reaching almost 400,000 views, so it's an understatement to say that it has quickly become a knock-out featuring on everyones wish list.

The brand’s three-step styling system is what originally put Refy onto everyone’s brow-dar. The Brow Pomade, Brow Sculpt and Brow Pencil quickly turned into makeup bag staples for us all, and revolutionised the way we do our brow routine (fluffy, natural arches for the win). TBH, I was more than happy with this perfectly curated edit of products, but I’m not going to complain about this brand-new launch: it makes fashioning those Insta-worthy brows even easier, and I am all here for that.

The new Brow Tint is a zero-effort, water-based gel that adds a natural pigment to your hairs, and holds them in place throughout the day (it’s kind of like the brand’s Brow Pomade and Brow Sculpt made a baby). The round, mascara-style applicator is cleverly designed to grip onto each hair and enhance the natural appearance of your brows, without transferring tint to your skin or conjuring a crunchy mess (often the biggest bugbears when it comes to brow tints). Just a few strokes through and you’re left with well-structured, seriously bushy browzers (in the best of ways) that will last from your morning meetings to your evening cocktails. It takes little skill to master and simply washes out with makeup remover – see it as brows 101 for dummies. Pretty much all of Refy's products have viral status, and with this fast-acting, one-swipe wonder of a brow launch, we're expecting to zoom up to take poll position.

When you have a mooch through the collection, notice that every product is meticulously designed to help enhance or define your already perfect natural features. With no base products in the range, like concealer or foundation, the brand encourages you to embrace what you’ve already got. So, if I haven’t already convinced you that REFY is worth a shot, have a scroll to see my verdict on every single hero...

Refy: The Cosmo Verdict

REFY Brow Sculpt

When it comes to brow lamination, it’s easy to end up feeling quite disappointed (I know I have). Finding a product that freezes your brows in place, still with the ability to move your forehead, is challenging. Having laminated brows is something that does take a bit of getting used to, in terms of the feeling, so the REFY Brow Sculpt is a great place to start.

At first, the product appears slightly white but dries down completely clear, leaving you with sculpted, strong brows. My tip for application: less is more, and be sure to apply the product evenly. Start at your inner brow and gradually brush through in upward diagonal strokes. Then, use the handy dual ended brush to comb those bad boys out.

REFY Brow Pomade

The last time I had a brow pomade in my makeup bag was when the ABH Dip Brow was carving out my block brows in 2016. While that was a great pick for the look of the time, the natural approach took over and a precise pencil became the desired tool. So, seeing a pomade in the REFY collection was somewhat of a surprise. Honestly, I was worried that I would end up with the same brows I rocked back in 2016. Turns out, there was no need to worry. The dual ended applicator houses a little pot of pomade that glides over the skin, while the fluffy brush creates the illusion of natural brow hairs. I am pleased to say, a pomade has now made a reappearance in my makeup bag.

REFY Brow Pencil

A brow pencil with an ultra-fine tip is a staple in my makeup bag, and oh how REFY have delivered. With such a teeny tiny pencil, you would never expect the amount of pigment that transfers onto your skin. The smooth, creamy formula makes applying the product easy. Just use a very light hand and an upwards flicking motion to fill in the sparse areas of your brows. To really achieve that REFY look, only apply the product to the areas where you need it and leave your natural hairs to do the rest.

While each individual product in the collection is more than capable to be used on its own, the wardrobe of brow products work beautifully together as well. Start by using the pomade to fill in the super sparse areas, then use the pencil to define lines and build shape and finally take the sculpt to lock them down. Works like a dream.

REFY Face Primer

I can’t lie, I’m not a fan of silicone primers (unfortunately most of the popular ones are silicone-based). I find they leave my skin feeling quite dry and cakey. So testing out the REFY Face Primer, I was quite sceptical of the results. But, when opening the lid to be met with a roller that was far too thin for a silicone based primer to be squeezed through, my curiosity perked right up. When pressing the roller onto my face (which was also incredibly relaxing) it pushed out a silky, serum-like texture onto my skin.

Hybrid skincare makeup hybrids are slowly becoming the norm, so it’s logical that the Face Primer followed suit. It’s infused with niacinamide to protect your skin from pollutants, and glycerin, the most popular humectant for hydration. Because of the super hydrating formula, the primer creates a base which genuinely encourages dewy, natural-looking skin.

REFY Skin Finish

It’s very rare that you’ll find a water based product that actually feels like water. Seriously, it’s a powder that feels wet to touch. Until now, my relationship with powder was a rocky one. I was a convert to the dewy look, with very little expectation of returning in complete fear of the dreaded ‘cake face’... However, this ultra fine powder works to absorb excess oil without leaving a mattifying effect. According to the brand it “leaves your skin looking like skin” while adding a blurring effect- and I totally agree.

REFY Cream Bronzer

Cream bronzers are a tricky one to navigate. They’re either too muddy, too warm toned or so stiff that blending them into your skin lifts your foundation and you’re left looking as blotchy as the world globe.

The three shades offer flattering, wearable tones that give a natural-looking sun kiss, whilst the ultra-creamy formula seamlessly melts into your skin.

REFY Cream Blush

The REFY Cream Blushes come in four highly pigmented shades (trust me, a little goes a long way). Peach and Citrine (my current faves) are corals, which pair really nicely with the Cream Bronzer to deliver a post-holiday glow. Rose and Malaya are pinker in hue, so ideal for a more subtle flushed look.

What’s great about these blushes, being so buildable you can use as little or as much as you like: the choice is yours.

REFY Lip Sculpt

This compact lip duo comes with a fine tip pencil and setter. When both applied, it leaves a velvety matte-like finish without the well-known cakey texture that often comes with matte lips. Start by shaping your lips using the pencil (don’t be afraid to “scribble out the lines” for fuller looking lips), and follow with the setter to keep the product in place. When it comes to the setter, I was quite shocked to discover it has a silicone-like consistency. Yes, you already know my views. But applying it, I wasn’t mad at it. I quite enjoyed the buttery feeling in between my lips; however, once it dries it does start to crumble ever so slightly. With the pencil having such a creamy formula, I was expecting it to rub off like most liners. But the 10 hour wearability claim surely pulls through.

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