The Secrets She Keeps viewers make same complaint about series two debut

The Secrets She Keeps made its long-awaited return to BBC One on Saturday night and while many viewers were glued to the screen, others took to Twitter to make the same complaint about season two's debut.

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The psychological thriller stars Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael and Arrow's Jessica De Gouw as two women from vastly different backgrounds who, after meeting at a supermarket in an affluent Sydney suburb, discover that they are the same age, both pregnant and due at the same time.

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Series two picked up from the first season's explosive ending, which saw Aggie sent to prison after swiping Meghan's baby from the hospital.

It's been two years since the first series premiered on the BBC and viewers took to Twitter to complain about the absence of a recap at the start of episode one.

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One person wrote: "When there's a two-year gap between series it would have been helpful to have a recap of what happened in the first series," while another added: "Had to actually read a recap because it's been that long and that much stuff has happened in between [that] I couldn't remember."


The series returned to BBC One on Saturday

A third viewer agreed, adding: "Watching the new season of The Secrets She Keeps and first of all a) I forgot it was a second season and was like 'this feels familiar' b) it's been two years since the first so I can't really remember what the background storylines were," while another felt that series two hadn't been advertised enough, commenting: "THE SECRETS SHE KEEPS SEASON TWO IS ON??? WHY WAS THIS NOT ADVERTISED?? I couldn't even remember it until I saw Agatha."

However, many viewers also took to Twitter to praise the gripping first episode, with one person tweeting: "Good to have #TheSecretsSheKeeps back, an intriguing start to the series," while another added: "Anyone else just watched The Secrets She Keeps? It was pretty good so far!!!"


Some viewers complained that there was no season one recap

A third commented: "That was brilliant."

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