Spike in 'Scrotox': Men getting Botox to improve scrotum appearance

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
Men are getting their scrotums injected with Botox. [Photo: Getty]

Cosmetic surgery clinics are offering Scrotox, a procedure whereby men get Botox injections in their scrotum area.

While it is unclear exactly how many people have had this procedure in the UK, News.com.au report a “spike” in popularity among Australian men.

“Scrotox is the use of Botox, or one of the three neurotoxins for muscle relaxation, injected into the scrotum,” says Dr Jayson Oates, surgeon and medical director of CALIBRE Clinic, which specialises in male enhancement, told the publication.

The procedure is said to cost $1,000 (£717) at the Sydney-based clinic.

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A 30-year-old man, known by the pseudonym Sean, was sent by the publication to trial the treatment.

During the procedure, his scrotum was injected 55 times with Botox.

“I think I felt maybe two little pinches, that was all, and while that was going on Dr Oates and I were talking about sailing.

“Before I knew it, it was over.”

He added: “A week later, when I inspected the area, I saw a change. It was less wrinkly and red … fuller and smoother.

“I don’t know if it’s all aesthetics, but it definitely looks better, less like a medical car crash.”

Why are men getting scrotox?

Scrotum, also known as “ball ironing”, is a purely cosmetic procedure, according to John Mesa, M.D.

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It is used to improve the appearance of testicles by smoothing out wrinkles, working in the same way it might for your face, he explained to Men’s Health.

What’s more, it makes the testicles hang down farther which in turn makes them appear larger, he adds.

This isn’t the only cosmetic procedure available for male genitalia.

Men are being warned about the dangers of ‘penis fillers’ because of the risk of complications.

Two cosmetic surgery groups for male sexual health in the UK told BBC that they have seen an increase in enquiries for penis fillers.