Scientists Invent Headset That Let's You Kiss In VR

Researchers from a U.S. University have invented a headset that let's you 'kiss' in virtual reality. The prototype headset, which is an adapted Oculus Quest 2 has been developed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Future Interfaces Group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The haptic feedback device utilises ultrasonic transducers to simulate a realistic sense of touch on your mouth meaning it simulates touch by applying forces, vibrations and motions. The transducers are integrated into the underside of the VR headset and direct ultrasound energy at different parts of the mouth. As well as kissing sensations, the tech could be used to drink from a virtual water fountain to experiencing the feeling of a spider walking across your mouth. Importantly, the modified headset doesn't require any equipment to be put up against or into a user's mouth; instead, the components are rested above the nose. Other examples tested by the group included brushing teeth, smoking cigarettes, feeling rain and wind, and drinking from cups of coffee.