Scarlett Johansson reflects on 'terrible' struggle with adult acne

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Scarlett Johansson has opened up about her struggles with acne as a young actress.

During an interview with People, the Marriage Story star recalled how she felt self-conscious at Hollywood events in her twenties as a result of painful breakouts.

"I still look back at photos of me on the red carpet in my twenties, and I'm like, 'I remember that pimple,'" she told the outlet.

Scarlett went on to note that her breakouts were particularly bad when she had to wear a lot of make-up while filming a movie.

"It was terrible. I would cover my acne before I even got in the make-up chair just so that I didn't feel so exposed," the 37-year-old remembered. "It really does affect how you feel about yourself and you just want to scrub it away."

After experimenting with all sorts of products, Scarlett discovered that a three-step programme worked best for her sensitive skin type.

And now, the actress uses the formulas from her skincare line, The Outset.

"The transparency of what's in the line and what it's doing sets it apart. We call it the white T-shirt of skincare because it pairs well with other stuff," she added.