Scam Alert: Beauty Brand Makeup Swatches Must Be Stopped!

If you're on the beauty side of TikTok, you've seen content creator Golloria's viral "This is the darkest shade" complexion reviews for beauty brands. In Golloria's vids, she examines foundations, concealers, bronzers and an array of complexion-related makeup products. In the reviews, she uncovers a disturbing truth that plagues the beauty industry: The swatches online don't match the shades IRL.

Golloria's viral "This is the darkest shade" series has garnered a massive viewing and for good reason. In each video, she delves into the world of beauty products, highlighting the discrepancies between the online swatches and the real shades IRL, and the sad reality that inclusivity for many beauty brands is still an afterthought. Golloria scrutinizes the foundations, concealers and bronzers, providing viewers with an honest and transparent evaluation of their performance and shade range.

Through her extensive research and hands-on experience, Golloria has discovered that many beauty brands manipulate the appearance of their products in online swatches. Colors that appear true-to-tone on a screen can often turn out to be disappointingly lackluster or completely different when applied in person. This misleading representation not only leads to frustration and disappointment for Black and Brown consumers, but also perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards.

When called out, many brands have responded with the basic "We see you, we hear you" rhetoric, but the question still stands: In 2023, why are complexions shades still lacking in range and inclusivity? True inclusivity starts at the ideation process — not once you hit the market.