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'Saved my marriage': Amazon's cult favorite pet hair remover is down to $24 with our exclusive code

The ChomChom Pet Hair Remover and Reusable Lint Roller leaves those annoying sticky refills in the dust.

We love our furry friends, but the struggle is real when it comes to their hair. De-fuzzing couches, beds, clothes, carpets and other soft spots can feel like an endless chore, but fans say the top-selling ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover is a game-changing solution. Not only is it reusable (bye-bye, sticky tape refills) but it's on sale for $24, down from $32 with our exclusive code. Your furniture and your wallet will thank you.

This non-adhesive roller helps remove pet hair from any surface — and according to Amazon shoppers, it’s well worth the money.

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$24 at Amazon

Vacuums designed to banish pet hair generally cost upward of $100, and other pet hair removers use hard scrapers that are more likely to damage fabrics. The ChomChom will save you a bundle compared to buying yet another vacuum, and its fabric-friendly roller could save you from replacing scraped-up furniture and rugs. The sale is just a bonus! To get the full discount, use code 15CHOMAPRIL at checkout.

The ChomChom works by pulling deeply embedded hairs from your clothes and upholstery, then trapping them in a chamber that can be emptied. Since there’s zero need for batteries, sticky paper or refills of any sort, this reusable tool can keep pet hair at bay for years to come.

It’s also a well-known fact that Fluffy and Fido aren't fans of the noisy vacuum — and honestly, neither are humans. However, with the ChomChom, cleanup is quicker, quieter and more convenient.

person using the ChomChom pet hair roller on a velvet piece of furniture
The ChomChom Roller works its magic on pet hair without sticky refills. (ChomChom)

With over 137,000 five-star ratings, the ChomChom has become an official Amazon star.

A five-star fan enthused: "It is magical. It’s witchcraft ... We have several rugs and other items that have dog fur all over them. Some items cannot be vacuumed. We try all the time to clean it, but our dog’s fur clings to it for dear life. A few swipes of this product, and it’s already almost spotless."

"Works like a charm!" wrote another happy camper. "My husband lets the dogs on our bed when I’m working at night, which makes me nuts. We have two border collie mixes whose only real job is to manufacture fur. When I get home in the morning, I run this over the bed and no more hair. It may have saved my marriage."

"Where has this been all my life," mused a final pleased customer. "I have two cats ... It works so well — by just rolling it up and down as fast as you want, no hard pressure needed, and it’s easy to pull out the fur. It picks up fur I can’t even see, and is great on my microfiber couch, the cat furniture and beds, and carpets ... Since the ChomChom is great for my chronic pain and mobility issues, I especially appreciate it..."

One reviewer advised: "Some dog hair gets trapped in the side hinges of the door to the collection chamber and has to be pulled out with the fingers. It is possible that if I cleaned it before it got so fulll, that problem would go away, but we just have so much dog hair and the gadget is so effective that I would be emptying every couple of minutes."

Other users caution that there is a bit of a learning curve: "It gets a bit tricky when the fabric isn't taut, but is still doable," wrote a final fan. "It does work best on flat, taut, surfaces tough. Still, we love this thing."

The ChomChom's built-in bin collects pet hair and empties with the push of a button. 

Save $8 with code
$24 at Amazon

If you need a smaller option that can fit into your purse or your suitcase, you're in luck — there's a Mini ChomChom Lint Roller.

This petite ChomChom is a great option to bring with you when on the go. Keep it in the car or office!

$25 at Amazon

Need help with, ahem, smellier pet issues?

This top-rated spray can help keep your house fresh, no matter what "presents" your furry friends leave. It was designed to wipe out the smell of accidents and other pet messes by replacing them with a pleasant citrus scent derived from fresh orange peels. 

$18 at Amazon

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