Simba has 40% off the Hybrid mattress right now

simba mattress sale
Simba has 40% off the Hybrid mattress right nowSimba

It's World Sleep Day and, to celebrate, luxe sleep brand Simba has dropped prices by up to 55% across its whole range of cosy products. Running until midnight on Sunday 19 March, you can save up to £500 on the GHI-approved Simba Hybrid mattress, along with additional reductions on bed frames, pillows and bedding.

On test, the Simba Hybrid mattress was scored highly by our GHI. Testers liked that it helped regulate their body temperature through the night, making it ideal for hot sleepers.

They also rated the springy base that responds individually to each sleeper, meaning testers weren’t disturbed when their partner rolled over. So it's also a good option if you or your partner are fidgeters.

In fact, all testers would recommend the mattress to a friend. "Now I look forward to getting into bed at night,” said one. “I didn't realise how much a good mattress would transform my sleep. The Simba Hybrid is brilliant."

There are more savings on accessories. Bed linen and sheets are up to 55% off, duvets and pillows are 25% off (with an extra 10% saving when you purchase a mattress), and bed frames themselves are also reduced by up to 40%.

That means that the GHI top-rated Hybrid pillow is now 25% off, down to £81.75 from £109. On test, our panellists were impressed by its ability to stay plump throughout the night, with one saying it was “a joy to nestle into”.

This sale is better for those seeking a new mattress than a full setup or frame – we've seen better discounts on Simba goods at other times in the year. Nonetheless, this is a fab discount on the mattresses as well as the bed bases especially.

Indeed – you might think choosing a frame should come down purely to aesthetics, but we've tried the Orion base (now £701.40, down from £1,169 for a double), and can confirm that quality, supportive bed slats have more impact on how your mattress functions than you realise.

A decent mattress is one of the most important investments you can make for your home, so sale season is the time to buy if you’re tempted. Shop all the Simba Sleep deals on the brand's website, or check out our choicest picks below.

Simba mattress sale: Our top picks


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