Satellite images show 'super typhoon' threatening South Korea

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EO/NASA/Cover Images

Typhoon Hinnamnor, the strongest storm in South Korea’s history, is set to hammer the southern coastal areas of the nation this week.

The worst of the typhoon is forecast for Monday or Tuesday when the weather system is expected to pound the resort island of Jeju and batter southern coastal cities including Busan and Ulsan, with landfall expected on Tuesday.

“We’ve never encountered a typhoon with this level of atmospheric pressure before, which is extremely worrisome because the degree of damage may be beyond our expectation,” Woo Jin Kyu, a weather analyst from the Korea Meteorological Administration, said during a briefing Friday.

Extremely intense wind and rain could cause a typhoon surge and flooding, and people should be prepared to prevent any catastrophic damage.

Hinnamnor is forecast to be even more destructive than Typhoon Sarah in 1959.

That storm killed more than 600 people and injured 2,533, and caused 249 billion won ($180 million) in property damage, according to the National Archives of Korea.