Sasha Velour on The Big Reveal Live Show and Drag Race fatigue

Composite of Sasha Velour on stage wearing outrageous outfits
Sasha Velour in The Big Reveal Live Show (Image: Alexey Kim)

After winning acclaim for her conceptual book The Big Reveal: An Illustrated Manifesto of Drag, RuPaul’s Drag Race star Sasha Velour is bringing a stunning new theatre show inspired by the book to the UK and Europe.

Known for her shocking and emotionally powerful reveals, the season nine winner has put together a 90-minute performance for the The Big Reveal Live Show, kicking off in London on 8 March, with each show featuring a special guest straight plucked from drag royalty.

Here, Sasha discusses why the show is a must-see, while also touching on her thoughts on whether Drag Race is over.

Tell us about Sasha Velour: The Big Reveal Live Show

The Big Reveal Live Show is inspired by the book tour that I did in the US, about six new reveal performances interwoven with storytelling and special guests from each city [we visited.] For the UK and Europe shows, it’s now a full-length theatre show with all kinds of reveals. It’s a celebration of the reveal and of the powerful art of drag, featuring the most stupid and outrageous and unforgettable reveal I’ve ever come up with.

It’s the kind of truth-telling that drag does, where we bare our souls and our hearts – even while doing the most over-the-top ridiculous things on stage in the most ridiculous and gaudy costumes. The show is not going to disappoint.

What makes it different from a regular drag performance?

I love a regular drag performance! I think that’s what I’m always aiming for, because to me, that’s the height of art and theatre. But people tell me I do things in a strange way, so I guess my best attempts at just doing a great drag show result in something quite unique.

Sasha Velour lies down on a stage in a blue outfit with an old CRT TV behind her and a red telephone in front of her
Sasha Velour in The Big Reveal Live Show (Image: Greg Endries)

It’s an entertaining night with some really dynamic performances and really good costumes. It includes the stupidest drag reveal I’ve ever come up with. No spoilers, but it’s a memorable one. I’m always trying to outdo myself in terms of ridiculous, heartfelt performances and I think this is definitely achieved.

You’ve always been political. What are your thoughts on the UK government’s recent anti-trans comments?

It’s appalling to see the anti-trans rhetoric that seems to be consistently spreading across the world. In my experiences of travelling recently, we’ve really been pressing conservatives on their thoughts about trans people, their concerns about drag queens. It’s all rooted in misinformation and fear.

Photo of Sasha Velour onstage in a black outfit surrounded by mirror images of herself
Sasha Velour in The Big Reveal Live Show (Image: Greg Endries)

I think if people got to know trans people, non-binary people, queer people, drag artists, they’d understand that this isn’t some sort of outrageous choice. This is who we are and who we need to be able to be in this world to survive.

I probably watch your Nightgowns performance with Sasha Colby, La Zavaleta and Sweaty Eddie once a week. How did you come up with it?

It was a very specific challenge on our tiny little cabaret stage to fit four performers, but I wanted it to be over the top. I made the video that lights us up by filming a spotlight on my bedroom wall. I moved it around and shook it then edited the four versions together and sent it to the cast with a video of me and my partner Johnny performing the choreo.

Sasha Colby texted us from the plane and said, ‘This is going to be amazing!’. It was so much fun and easy to put together. I’m always trying to think of something that makes a big impact but is easy to remember so you can have fun while performing it.

Do you think Drag Face fatigue has become a thing?

No. Never. People are always complaining! I remember on season nine, people said ‘Drag Race has run out of steam; this isn’t exciting,’ but now we’re considered one of the classics. I think there’s still a huge appetite out there for more Drag Race.

Sasha Velour: The Big Reveal Live Show UK dates and guest performers

8 March, London – Chiyo
10 March, Brighton – Joe Black
12 March, Birmingham – Black Peppa
13 March, Manchester – Cheddar Gorgeous
14 March, Newcastle – Choriza May
15 March, Glasgow – Ginger Johnson
17 March, Cardiff – Victoria Scone

Tickets are available here.

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