'Not hiding it': Sarah Nicole Landry claps back at 'mom stomach' comment

The body-positivity influencer responded after someone asked, 'Is your entire personality trait your mom stomach?'

Sarah Nicole Landry is showing appreciation for her 'mom belly' in a new post. (Instagram / @thebirdspapaya)
Sarah Nicole Landry is showing appreciation for her 'mom belly' in a new post. (Instagram / @thebirdspapaya)

Influencer Sarah Nicole Landry is clapping back after a comment on her "mom stomach" posts.

The Canadian body-positivity advocate, known on Instagram as The Birds Papaya, took to Instagram to respond to criticism over her "mom stomach" being her "entire personality trait."

Landry screenshotted the comment and placed it at the top of a photo of herself in a sheer brown dress draping to the floor. The photo was taken in a boudoir photoshoot with Boudoir Atelier Photography earlier this year. In it, Landry is smiling as she shows off the dress' big tulle sleeves.

That photo was the first in Landry's carousel, with each image from the same shoot.

The post, dedicated to her "mom stomach," was paired with a poem-style caption — a signature for the influencer.

"The way lightning traces my skin. The way I’ve stopped apologizing," Landry penned.

"The way I only saw others show their stomachs but I never saw anyone with one like mine. Not hiding it, is my own rise out from the rest," she continued.

"Tip of the iceberg for who I am, but I’m proud is the part that so many get to see. Hope that answers the question."

Her followers rushed to the comments to praise her response.

"Never stop!" wrote a fan. "I can’t count the number of times I’ve critically looked at myself in the mirror and then remembered your words and pictures and turned a kinder eye back on myself!"

Another chimed in, "They say that like it’s a bad thing… but girl — it’s everything."

Fellow body-positivity influencer Alicia Mccarvell also showed her support for Landry's move.

"Obsessed with you," Mccarvell wrote in all-caps.

Content creator Victoria Garrick Browne said: "They’d never say this to a girl with washboard abs who always wears crop tops," in the comments.

Earlier this month, the 38-year-old influencer shared a video from a photoshoot for Knix swimwear, where she dubbed herself as a "stretch-marked" bikini model.

"Thirty-eight, mom-of-four, cellulite, stretch-marked bikini freaking model," she captioned the clip compilation.

"Grateful for swimwear that makes you feel your best, supported and styled."

Fans loved the behind-the-scenes clips, with one calling Landry "gorgeous."

Some thanked her for being an inspiration.

"Just want to say thank you for all that you do, I wish someone like you would have existed when I was younger growing up so that I didn't spend the better portion of my life being self conscious," one fan penned.

"You are a genuine treasure."

— With files from Ellie Spina.

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