Sarah Michelle Gellar wanted a 'safety net' on Wolf Pack set

Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in the new teen drama credit:Bang Showbiz
Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in the new teen drama credit:Bang Showbiz

Sarah Michelle Gellar was determined to create a "safety net" for the cast and crew of 'Wolf Pack'.

The 45-year-old actress insisted on having an executive producer credit on the supernatural teen drama because she wanted to provide as much support as possible to the cast and crew.

The Hollywood star - who is best known for playing Buffy Summers in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' - explained: "When I signed on to the show it was important to me to be an executive producer. I think that’s something people don’t realise when you have a producer that's on set every day that you really know the crew that knows what's happening.

"You can really make the safety net that I never experienced. And I just said to them, and by the way not just them, I said it to crew members too."

Sarah made a concerted effort to support her colleagues, even when she wasn't on-set herself.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I just always said to them, even if I'm not there because I did go back and forth, 'Call me on my phone. You don’t have to go to anyone else. It's a safe place and I basically did for them what I wished I had had."

Sarah loved shooting the new series, and she also urged viewers to pay close attention to some of the "breadcrumbs" that are dropped during the show.

The actress - who stars alongside Rodrigo Santoro and Armani Jackson - explained: "I almost liken this show to 'Sixth Sense' in a sense because at the very end, you almost need to go back and watch because there's breadcrumbs dropped throughout that explain things and you won't realise that ... until the very end. And to me, that's so exciting.

"It was such an incredible experience from start to finish. It really was that experience that you hope for on a job. It was communicative, it was collaborative."