Sarah Brightman spills the beans on her mystery man and finding love again

Sarah Brightman has opened up about her new mystery man, saying she is "so happy" and "so lucky" to have met him. The world's best-selling soprano, who was married to Andrew Lloyd Webber from 1984 to 1990, features in this week's HELLO! magazine and exclusively said: "I'm so happy. I'm so lucky to have met him. Our work takes us both all over the world, so when we spend time together it's gorgeous, very lovely. At this stage in my life having a partner is all about sharing and knowing that someone is there for you."

Recalling how the couple were introduced by a mutual friend four years ago, Sarah, 58, said: "It was as simple as: 'You should meet this person; you'll get on well.' So we started texting each other and met up. We'd both been married twice before, weren't looking for anybody and were getting on with our lives. I wasn't even going down the relationship route in my head, but we connected and something just clicked into place."


Sarah Brightman looked stunning in a series of gowns adorned with Swarovski crystals

Although Sarah's marriages to music manager Andrew Graham-Stewart and musical theatre legend Andrew Lloyd Webber ended in divorce, she hasn't ruled out making it third time lucky. "At the moment I am happy with the way things are, but if it suddenly felt right to get married, I wouldn't be against it. I think the institution of marriage is a wonderful thing. There are good reasons for it and it works very well for some people," she said.

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Sarah was also in a ten-year relationship with German music producer Frank Peterson, but their attempts to have a child, which included IVF treatment, were unsuccessful and she resigned herself to never being a mother. "I was ready for children but it didn't work out," she said. "I got over it quite quickly, though. That makes me sound cold, but I'm not. I just thought: 'There's nothing I can do about this now.' So I moved on. I don't tend to think in terms of fate, but in that instance it kind of was."

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The talented singer has just kicked off her world tour Hymn and at the time of our interview, she was eight weeks in to her 125-date tour and about to take to the stage in Puerto Rico's capital San Juan. The tour will culminate at the Royal Albert Hall in London in November, marking her first performance in the UK for 15 years.

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