Are Sara and Tim from MAFS Australia still together?

 Are Sara and Tim from MAFS Australia still together? .
Are Sara and Tim from MAFS Australia still together? .

Following the Reunion episode, Married At First Sight Australia fans wondering if Sara and Tim from the show's 11th season are still together. 

If you're yet to watch the full series of Married at First Sight Australia, you've missed out on a whole host of drama. While we know that the weddings in Married at First Sight Australia aren’t legally binding, the high-stakes act of effectively marrying a total stranger has enthralled viewers and left many wondering where the show's couples are now.

The show's Reunion episode has now given us all the details about who is, and is not, still together, answering fan questions like whether Jono and Ellie are still together.

Many of the show's couples go on to have real relationships in the outside world, with some even going on to have actual weddings and start a families together.

This was the hope both Sara and Tim from season 11 of MAFS Australia had going into the show.

The couple were a perfect match on paper. Sara, 29, a nutritionist from New South Wales, and Tim, 31, an online business owner from Queensland, both shared a connection to Columbia and had experienced similar heartbreaks in their previous relationships - but their compatibility was immediately thrown into questions following their MAFS nuptials.

The couple's chemistry could be clearly felt through the screen when they met for the first time, but Sara's head quickly filled with doubts after learning that Tim was pretty newly single. Her worries led to them falling out on their honeymoon and things only grew more tense when she refused to show Tim her phone during one of the show's tasks.

Tim's doubts were growing and they were only made worse by the fact Sara kept repeatedly cancelling date nights. He revealed that trust had been a key issue in his past relationships, with the fear growing again as Sara avoided him, refused to show him her phone, and then met up with her ex!

Still, for all the hurdles they faced, the couple decided to stay together at the commitment ceremony, much like Jack and Tori did. We saw the couple have some incredibly healthy conversations about their mutual issues and many delighted as they decided to take on the challenge of facing their problems to make the relationship work - but did it pay off?

*Warning: Spoilers for Married at First Sight Australia season 11 ahead*

Are Sara and Tim from MAFS Australia still together?

Despite their previous promises, Sara and Tim from Married At First Sight Australia are no longer together. Even more surprising, Tim has already started dating a woman, called Barbara, whom he met prior to joining the show.

The split came soon after the couple filmed the Reunion episode, with Sara being unable to move past the revelation made by Jono during the episode's dinner party that Tim was close to dumping her during their final vows, which led to a huge row between the two. "I heard Tim say he felt like he was rushed at final vows, and if he did have that time he would have made a different decision," Jono revealed at the table.

Tim tried to smooth things over, telling Sara, "I didn't say I would have made a different decision I said I potentially could have." Sara, understandable, was left in tears and stormed out.

The pair then decided to part ways after leaving the experiment. But there might have been more to the split than we saw during the reunion episode.

A source from the show has now revealed that Sara reportedly broke up with Tim after learning that not only had he made comments to other cast members about about not picking her during final vows, as Jono shared, but that he'd also been seen on a dating app by a fellow cast mate's friend.

The source told So Dramatic!, "Jade dropped a huge bombshell that her friend had recently seen Tim on Tinder. Sara was completely caught off guard. She was embarrassed because they had been sitting there all loved up all night."

Confirming the breakup but not the reason for it, Sara told 9Entertainment, "We broke up a month after the reunion. We didn't speak for a little while after, it was hard for us both but a few months down the track we started talking again."

But, while the pair aren't dating, they are friends, Sara says. "We're definitely friends now, we are very amicable. It's been good to be on good terms because we went through this crazy ride together."

All episodes of Married at First Sight Australia season 11 are available to stream now on Channel 4.