Sangita Patel impresses fans with 'inspiring' fitness challenge: 'Beast mode'

The Toronto-native showed off her muscles in her latest Fitness Tuesday post on Instagram.

Sangita Patel is showing off her strength.

The "ET Canada" host took to Instagram to share a video of herself lifting a heavy weight over her head for her weekly exercise series called "Fitness Tuesday." Patel, 43, wore a grey and black athleisure set as she performed the workout.

The Toronto-native paired her short clip with a motivational caption for her more than 152,000 followers.

"Currently in Sangi's head: A pep talk," she wrote. "'Good morning, you badass you. Let your hair loose, squeeze everything, try not to pee and lift that s— up. Then, drop it like it's hot!'

"Felt damn good to do a clean and jerk at this weight, it’s been awhile. Do something that gives you butterflies."

Fans praised Patel's impressive strength in the comments of her post.

"Beast mode!" one Instagram user commented.

Another added: "Love it! Thank you always for the inspiration."

"Whoa! Look at you with your badass self. Go, Sangita! That's freaking awesome!" someone else wrote.

"Super Sangita has entered the chat!" a fan shared.

One person penned: "So inspirational, and that pep talk is everything!"

"I love your commitment to Fitness Tuesday. So inspiring! Keep it up," commented another.

In November, the mother-of-two shared a "mind-blowing" fitness challenge starring her husband, Samir Patel, while on a beach in Mexico.

The video began with another couple completing the challenge before segueing to the Canadian duo trying it themselves.

"We got this," the on-screen text read as Patel attempted to jump on her husband's shoulders. "Umm, maybe not."

"Shocked," she added after finally nailing it.

"Yup, you know I couldn't leave without a challenge on the beach," the TV host captioned the post before thanking her fans for sending her the challenge. "Took a few tries and a lot of laughter."

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