Sam Smith shares love of fly-fishing on The One Show

Pop star Sam Smith announced their intention to become a 'fisher-them' one day, after sharing their love of fishing on The One Show.

Video transcript

- You're a big fan of fishing.

SAM SMITH: I do love fishing. Yes, I do. Yeah, yeah, I'd love to be a fish fisher-them.

- What, like a fly fisherman?

SAM SMITH: I'd be-- I'd be any type of fisher-them. I think I would like to-- one day, I'd just like to end my days fishing. Like, sitting on a bank.

- Do you do fly fishing or--

SAM SMITH: I do it on the sea and I do it in lakes. I've never done it alone.

- So cool.

SAM SMITH: Someone's always taught me.

- Fantastic.